Saturday, February 20, 2016

"Morals" and "Family Values" --- Hollow Words and Ideals To The Great Donald's Base . . .

It's only fitting that with this evening's news that The Great Donald is being projected to win the South Carolina primary, it should be noted that American conservatives, you know, the people who are always pummeling the rest of us over the head with their bibles about morality and family values and the baby Jeebus, are heading straight down the path to nominating a thrice divorced philanderer, a bigot, a misogynist, a shameless liar and a nasty silver-spoon in mouth bully whose words and actions have the condemned souls of Hitler and Mussolini grinning like Cheshire cats even as they are being eternally roasted on Beelzebub's spit.

The Gadfly swears - the next conservative Republican Trump supporter who gets in The Gadfly's face about his morals and family values or starts talking shit about anyone else's morals or family values, is going to get a size 10, steel toe motorcycle boot planted squarely and firmly in the center of their stupid fucking backdoor cleavage.


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