Monday, June 15, 2015

Nuh Uh Pal! Keep Your Dirty Laundry In Your Own Back Yard! . . .

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The cult of personal responsibility never taking responsibility shtick of these right wing conservatives is really getting fucking old.

You may have heard about the Texas guy James Boulware who decided to single-handedly recreate the Iraq invasion's "shock and awe" attack by shooting up a Dallas PD Headquarter's building this past week, and who in turn, ended up on the receiving end of a police sniper's well-trained aim:

(CNN)A man unleashed a barrage of gunfire on Dallas' police headquarters and planted explosives outside the building early Saturday -- narrowly failing to wound anyone -- leading to a chase to a suburb that ended with SWAT officers killing him in his parked van at a restaurant parking lot.

Well, it seems that the late Mr. Boulware's daddy ain't none to happy about what happened, and like any dutiful Texas wingnut is blaming his son's untimely demise on the dirty fucking hippie liberals:

In the CNN interview, Jim Boulware says it was "liberal policies" that invited Child Protective Services into the mix, and caused his son to be broke because he couldn't get a job due to the domestic violence charges on his record.

Suffice to say, The Gadfly isn't buying the old man's load of horse shit, aggrieved as the poor bastard might be.  The unadulterated fact of the matter is that his son had quite the extensive background of violent behavior, run-ins with the law and with child protective authorities.  He was also virulently anti-government and an Obama hater -- all of this amid a documented history of aberrant behavior which James Boulware's own mother and other family members attributed to mental illness.

Pappy Boulware though says every unfortunate event, up to and including the failed attack on the Dallas PD, that ever affected his son's life was all due to "liberal policies."

Pappy Boulware is of the view apparently that his son's penchant for violent behavior - it is being reported that he once punched his own mother in the face, spent time in jail for choking another family member, and physically threatening others - all of which - as the elder Boulware sees it, played no role in the actions of Texas Child Protective Services removing Boulware's son from his custody and putting the kid under the stewardship of Boulware's mother.

Well -- dear readers, The Gadfly respectfully disagrees with pappy Boulware.  It wasn't "liberal policies" that have gutted the social services safety net in this country for mental health care in order to give more tax breaks to the plutocrats and big business.  It wasn't "liberal policies" that motivated pappy's "broke" son to purchase an $8 thousand dollar armored van and thousands of more dollars worth of guns, ammunition and explosives as a method of getting his point across to others.  It wasn't "liberal policies" that have incessantly propagandized James Boulware's mind to the point the he developed a visceral hatred of government and those who work in it.

No- the simple truth of the matter is that - all of those factors which contributed to James Boulware's downward spiral, right up to the moment of his ignominious death, were facilitated by the modern day conservative mindset and their mean spirited, greedy sociopath governing policies which have seen America's middle class decimated by regressive tax policies, funding slashed for health care, mental health and job creation & welfare programs.  You also have the wholesale destruction of the American manufacturing base, which was the bulwark of the middle class for decades after WW2, and the shipping out of those decent paying jobs to overseas slave labor nations, all in order to fatten the bank accounts of the investor class, not to mention the cynical manipulation of class and racial tensions to distract guys like James Boulware from seeing the truth of who it is that is actually behind the destruction of their lives and spiritual well being, with the end result culminating in all hope being lost of ever achieving the socio-economic status emblematic of the sacred "American Dream."

But just try having that honest conversation with people like the elder Mr. Boulware.  It is an utter exercise in futility - their denial is deep and intractable and quite honestly, The Gadfly does not see much change for the better occurring in this country until that generation of his is in the throes of the eternal dirt nap.  Let's just hope that succeeding generations are paying well enough attention and will take the time to learn some fundamental lessons from seeing first hand the tragic outcome borne of ignorance and stupidity and selfishness on display from a great many citizens during this unfortunate period of our nation's history.

BTW -- equally depressing -- it should be noted that James Boulware is one of those kinds of guys whom the NRA and the rest of the gun fetishists are fighting to protect the unlimited rights of when it comes to the purchasing and owning of firearms.  Because it is quite clear that to the NRA and their ilk, the right of people like James Boulware to amass and own a small arsenal of killing toys always trumps the rights of communities and the people who live in them from being able to feel secure in their homes and in public places without fear of some disaffected nut job, hopped up on Fox "News"/Rush Limbaugh fueled paranoia and hatred, from deciding to exercise his cherished 2nd Amendment rights.


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  1. Right before this happened, a Facebook post claimed armed Black Panthers were coming to Dallas join all the black Dallas cops to kill whites over the pool party incident. A photo of thousands of scary looking black men walking toward Dallas, was,through Google photo search, found to actually be a 20 year old picture of the Million Man march in Washington DC.Shortly thereafter a white guy shot up the Dallas police HQ