Friday, June 12, 2015

I Spy, You Spy, We All Spy . . . . The United States of Espionage . . .

It's not for the narcissistic necessity of seeing his own words in print that The Gadfly has spent the better part of the past decade warning you dear readers of the increasingly extremist and totalitarian behavior of the modern day conservative movement.

The Gadfly does not derive any discernible amount of pleasure monitoring and reporting on the actions of a bunch of budding fascists and theocratic imperialists - It is actually quite a depressing task, but somebody has to do it.

Anyhow -- speaking of budding Christofascists:
JUNE 10, 2015, 2:36 PM EDT
If he's elected president, Republican 2016 presidential Ben Carson said he might set up a "covert division" of government employees to monitor coworkers in order to make government more efficient.
In Iowa on Wednesday, according to MSNBC, Carson said he was "thinking very seriously" about creating "a covert division of people who look like the people in this room, who monitor what government people do."
Employees would work harder if they believed some of their coworkers were secretly spying on them, he added.
"And we make it possible to fire government people," the former neurosurgeon said, sparking cheers from the crowd of Iowa Republican voters.

Ahh yes -- imagine public service employees all spying and snitching on each other under the guise of making government "more efficient."  What could possibly go wrong there right?  And if anyone thinks that they would confine this kind of covert workplace voyeurism to government workers only, then you truly haven't been paying attention to what The Gadfly has been trying to educate you about these people dear readers.

Somebody really ought to sit ol' Doc Carson down and and bring him up to historical speed about post WWII East Germany's secret state "police" known as 'The Stasi'.  Truly - someone ought to.

The Gadfly has been saying for a very, very long time that these current crop of conservative right wingers and Teabaggers are low brow sociopaths who are just itching for the opportunity to let their inner totalitarian freak flags fly high up the extremist flagpole.  And what more evidence is needed when one of their top tier presidential candidates is proposing a style of government that is ripped straight out of the pages of the cold war era Soviet Union, 1930's Nazi Germany, and modern day North Korea?   And not only that, Carsons proclamation elicited lusty cheering from the conservative crowd he was presenting this wonderful "idea" to.

The Gadfly is just the messenger here dear readers.  What you decide to do with this information is entirely up to you.  Just know that the more that bullshit ideas like Ben Carson's are allowed to to proliferate in the arena of public discourse unchallenged, the more emboldened assholes like him and his psychopathic followers become.


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