Tuesday, June 9, 2015

If Only They Could Experience What Real "Tyranny" Is Like....One Can Dream.....

These are the types of mind-numbingly ignorant and dangerous lunatics who form the nucleus of your modern day conservative movement:
JUNE 5, 2015, 2:47 PM EDT
The executive director of a powerful pro-gun group said in an interview earlier this year that "the Second Amendment was designed for" people like President Obama, who he described as "tyrannical."
The comments by Larry Pratt of the prominent Gun Owners of America were surfaced on Thursday by the organization Right Wing Watch. The gun rights advocate reportedly made the comments in April during an interview on the conservative radio show “The News with Views,” where he addressed Congress’ attempts to restrict armor-piercing bullets.
“The Second Amendment was designed for people just like the President and his administration,” Pratt told radio host Roger Fredinburg. “And yes, if the New York Times and the Rolling Stone, and whoever else wants to have a hissy fit, yes, our guns are in our hands for people like those in our government right now that think they wanna go tyrannical on us, we’ve got something for ‘em. That’s what it’s all about.”

First off, let's clear the air of something right fucking now.  If The Gadfly had the opportunity to interview this weasel-faced, shit-stain of a little man, The Gadfly would need just one single question to prove that Larry Pratt and his followers are either the stupidest mother fuckers on the planet, or they are deliberately using the tried and true propaganda tactics that made a fellow by the last name of Goebbels (Pratt even looks like him - a remarkable resemblance) more than just a footnote in history.

Anyhow, the question The Gadfly would ask Larry Pratt is:

The Gadfly:  Mr Pratt - you are accusing the current President of the United States of America of being a tyrant and a gun confiscating freedom oppressor.  Please provide one documented case where this President has directed his government agents to confiscate so much as one single firearm of one single American who was in possession of such firearm completely within the boundaries of established legal jurisprudence.  Just one case.  One.  Oh - and here's the deal - if you are unable to produce one clearly documented case of such an act occurring, The Gadfly gets to plant the steel toe of his size 10 motorcycle boot as swiftly and as forcefully as he is able to, upside the underside of your shriveled little scrotum sac.  Mkay??

The Gadfly does not doubt for a nanosecond that Larry Pratt's answer would be something akin to this:

Larry Pratt:  Errr, harrumph .... mumble ... mumble, tyrant, mumble ... mumble ... communist.... errr, harrumph .........

..... and duly followed by this sound:

The propaganda and lies by Pratt and his dickhead friends isn't what really gets The Gadfly's blood boiling though.  If you read the article, what Pratt is throwing a tantrum over is the efforts by Congress to restrict the sale to the general public of armor piercing bullets!  That's right -- this fucking lunatic wants all of his gun stroking ammosexual buddies to have carte blanche purchasing access to armor fucking piercing bullets!

It isn't enough that these fuckers have created a society where an OK Corral style shootout between gun toting biker goons at a family restaurant on a lazy Sunday results in 9 cadavers and another dozen and a half bullet wounded victims.  Or a society where some anonymous asshat, who's penis is so small that he has to take a fully loaded assault rifle in to a major airport just to prove that the idiotic laws of his state say he can.

Shit .. they're now even openly taunting police officers because just because they can (and good thing they are white too - imagine a black or latino doing this shit - instant "tragedy").

And don't even get The Gadfly started on the subject of an escalating number of mass shootings that have been taking place ever since many of these conservative governed states have been fondling the undersized genitals of the ammosexuals in the NRA and other gun-goon groups like those of Larry Pratt, by loosening gun possession and open-carry laws.

Lastly -- here is a prediction -- when President Obama hands off governing power to his successor on January 20, 2017, Larry Pratt will still be mumbling about tyranny and 2nd amendment solutions and other juvenile drivel, yet he will still be one documented gun confiscation case short of his nuts avoiding an encounter with The Gadfly's steel toe boot.

One has to have faith that at some point, saner minds will prevail in this ongoing cultural conflict -- a conflict by the way, which The Gadfly sincerely believes will make all the difference in the world as to whether this country survives as a functional, thriving and enlightened democracy or not.


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