Sunday, May 31, 2015

Is Anybody Out there .........

Charles Pierce is so fucking right it hurts The Gadfly's head......
It should not be necessary to point this out (again) but human beings cannot live without clean water. This simple fact seems lost on John Boehner and the crazoids of his monkeyhouse, who are currently in atmospheric dudgeon because the president acted to keep clean water available around the country.
It should not be necessary to point this out (again) but without water, people get sick and then they die. That's the way it works in India and that's the way it works in Detroit. That's the way it works now. That's the way it will work in the future.

This shit should really wake up the  average reality-tv watching moron's head .......... but the average shmoe in this country just doesn't get it ...

They don't get that the oligarchs are playing 5 card stud with they and their kid's futures.

The Gadfly is so fucking tired of sending out these warning messages .. and most of you just sit there like properly trained mutts.............forgive The Gadfly if he offends ..... it's just so god damn frustrating and heartbreaking.

Jim Bob Duggar is a "moral leader" on the right .... the guy with this platform:

[ click pic to enlarge ]

How fucked up is that??  Will nobody stand up to these fucking lunatics?

Is anybody out there?  Is anybody paying attention to this shit??

Sigh ...... this country has so lost it's moral way, it's not even fucking funny.

It''s really not.


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