Thursday, June 18, 2015

The Tree of Liberty Must be Refreshed from Time to Time With the Blood of 20 year old, Female Children's Museum Workers . . .

Sigh . . . . another right wing ammosexual exercises his 2nd amendment rights --- three times in to the back of a 20 year old young woman who spurned his sexual advances:

An Iowa mall cop — with a Facebook account loaded with open-carry and right-wing memes and photos of multiple weapons — is under arrest for shooting and killing a fellow mall worker because she filed sexual harassment complaints against him.
According to The Gazette, Alex Kozak was taken into custody after shooting 20-year-old Andrea Farrington three times in the back while she was at work at the Iowa Children’s Museum in the Coral Ridge Mall in Coralville, Iowa.
Police say that the 22-year-old Kozak left the mall and went to his home and retrieved a 9mm Glock handgun before retuning and shooting Farrington late Friday night..
KCJJ reports that a cousin of Farrington’s said that Kozak had been harassing the victim for at least six weeks and that she had complained to his superiors about unwanted advances he had made toward her. A later report stated that Kozak was fired from his job before the shooting took place.

Here's a couple of posts from this asshole's Alexander Kozak's Facebook page:

and . . .

Kozak's Facebook page is a virtual cornucopia of immigrant bashing, gun fetish posts, and Fox News videos.

A young woman in the prime of her life is laying on a cold metal tray in a coroner's freezer with three bullet holes in her back because this ignorant, knuckle-dragging motherfucker and the gun goon death cult who he identifies with assign more value to their sick culture, and the killing toys which permeate that culture, than they do to actual human life.

And no matter how vociferously and piously they protest, the hate peddlers in the NRA, on AM radio, and on Fox "News" have shared blood on their hands by being instigators and enablers of the Alexander Kozaks of this country.

The hope is that some day a collective majority of the citizenry of this nation will grow the fuck up and come to it's senses about this shit and finally do something to stem the tide of these right wing assholes and their slow motion ruination of our society.


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