Sunday, March 22, 2015

Where the Art of Misinformation Has a Lifelong Home . . .

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Gee -- what a shocker . . . . . well, actually not . . .:

Former Daily Caller writer, Mickey Kaus joined CNN's Brian Stelter on Reliable Sources to explain in some detail why he quit Carlson's website and why conservatives are afraid to ever criticize Fox News.
KAUS: Well, that's right. I had no problems with them before. But I posted this piece on the web early in the morning Monday morning, very early. I stayed up all night doing it.
And I went to sleep and I got up and it disappeared. There's a note from Tucker saying, "Can't trash FOX on the site. Sorry, I work there." So, I wrote back saying, "Is that really the rule? Because if it is, I have to quit."
You know, he has a right to have a rule like that, but I don't have to -- I don't have to be nice to the people that he has to be nice to. So, he said, "Well, I'm sorry but it's a hard and fast rule." So think about it for a day. I thought about it for a day and then I quit.
Selter asked Tucker for a comment and so far he hasn't responded. Fox News is adamant about not having people on any of their networks if they dare to criticize them. The reason Kaus and Carlson's staff are surprised about this Fox-rule is because they rarely ever clash with Rupert Murdoch on anything since Fox News is the Conservative channel of record. Mickey is an avid opponent of immigration reform as is Laura Ingraham, but you'll never hear her attack Fox News as a whole on this issue.

As has been noted on the pages of this shitty little blog to the point of ad nauseam over the years, Fox "News" is not now, never has been and never intends to be a "fair and balanced" news media organization.

What Kaus is saying by telling us that Carlson's Daily Caller has a "hard and fast rule" about criticizing Fox "News" on his own supposed "news" website is that there are industry and conservative political career repercussions in store for anyone doing so.

Fox "News" in essence is a monolithic, despotic media powerhouse where their notion of "fair and balanced" really means --- don't you ever dare to disagree with or criticize us if you have any intention of using your association with us to advance your political or media career, and in fact you should fear some form of retribution for crossing us.

That method of operating folks is about as far from the idea of democracy and freedom of speech, much less fairness and balance, as one could possibly get, and begs the question as to why anyone would then think that Fox's reporting and journalism could possibly contain any semblance of trustworthiness and integrity.  Quite frankly, it is beyond The Gadfly's ability to even fathom how anyone who values concepts such as truth and fairness in journalism could remotely consider Fox "News" a credible and legitimate news reporting organization in the least sense.

We should be thankful to writer Mickey Kaus for sharing his experience, just as former Fox host Eric Burns did when he called Fox's audience a cult recently, and validating the reality of what Fox "News" truly is all about --- something for which many of us have known for a very, very long time only because it is so glaringly fucking obvious.


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