Sunday, March 22, 2015

The Pompous Arrival of the Circus' Main Attraction ....

Sigh . . . . and the 2016 GOP presidential asshole clown car gains another clown, only this one, and his groupies, truly believes he's the one, true chosen clown . . .

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) announced just after midnight on Monday he'll mount a bid for president of the United States.

Let us not forget that this is the supremely arrogant asshat who pulled this stunt nearly causing the United States of America to default on it's debt for the first time in it's history as he filibustered in vain while tooting his own horn, and costing the country a shitload of money:

Bill Ted Cruz for the $24 billion government shutdown's cost

By Peter S. Cohan, WALL & MAIN

Hurray! The Red Sox are in the World Series again — washing away all but a vague memory of October's 16 day government shutdown. I would be happy to forget about that unpleasantness, except for the $24 billion it cost the American economy and the utterly toxic political system from which it sprang that is sure to rear its ugly head at the beginning of 2014 when the current short-term deal expires.

But I have a modest proposal to make Washington act more like a role model of democracy: Require the person who led the shutdown — Calgary, Alberta-native, Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) — to pay for the economic damage that his "leadership" helped cause.

How much damage did the shutdown cause? Standard & Poor's Ratings Services said on October 16 that the shutdown reduced fourth-quarter 2013 gross domestic product growth by at least 0.6 percent — taking $24 billion out of the economy.

Should Mr. Cruz write a $24 billion check to the U.S. Treasury to cover the damage that he caused to the U.S. economy? He is under no legal obligation to do so. Nor is he the only person responsible for the shutdown.

But he would be a good person to receive the $24 billion invoice and he could go hat in hand to collect from his fellow travelers. After all, he was the person who filibustered the Senate for 21 hours on September 24 in an effort to defund the Affordable Care Act in exchange for opening up the federal government. That effort was funded by $200 million from Wichita, Kansas-based Koch Industries, according to the New York Times.

That's right -- this little needle nosed, ratfucking, narcissistic asshole nearly caused the United States to default on it's full faith and credit for the first time in it's history and also, in the process of his Tea Party grandstanding, obliterated $24 billion from the American economy.  Why?  Well because he's a needle nose, ratfucking, narcissistic asshole.

Anyhow, Cruz and his sugar daddies, the Koch brothers, who you can damn well be sure will be his 2016 campaign sugar daddies as well, have no compunction about stealing $24 billion from America's economy, because to them, the means always justify the end in their twisted world view, and taking from Americans more than they ever give back is how they operate.

But you know what dear readers ---- when it comes to the GOP 2016 presidential clown car, The Gadfly is of the view -- the more assholes, the merrier.  Shit -- all we need now is for Donald Trump to announce he's in to make the GOP clown car as about as clownish as it could ever get ...... oh wait ...
Donald Trump to form exploratory committee for possible 2016 presidential bid
Real estate mogul Donald Trump announced Wednesday he will be forming a presidential exploratory committee ahead of the 2016 election.
“I have a great love for our country, but it is a country that is in serious trouble. We have lost the respect of the entire world. Americans deserve better than what they get from their politicians — who are all talk and no action!” Trump said in a statement.


By all available evidence, the conservative right appears to be determined to offer up the most obnoxious, hateful, vindictive, self-absorbed and supremely unqualified fucksticks for president in 2016 ... which in a sane world would signal the doom of any major political party to ever again have any influence on the national political scene .... but then you have to remember who exactly the base is of the GOP these days .... it's these fucking loons:

Yeah ...

2016 ... gonna be a hoot, and Ted Cruz is gonna be a hootin' and hollerin' to rile up the dumb-ass rubes like the ones in the pic above.

The Gadfly waits with resigned anticipation ....


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