Sunday, February 22, 2015

Your America -- Deal With It .....

BTW --- America --- you win.  You get the society you that you don't give a shit about:

After giving her 15-year-old daughter a driving lesson in the parking lot of a Las Vegas middle school last Thursday night, Tammy Meyers nearly hit another car on their drive home. That car apparently followed them home, police say, where one passenger opened fire, hitting Meyers in the head. Meyers, 44, died at University Medical Center Saturday after her family took her off life support.
According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, after avoiding the wreck with the other vehicle, Meyers pulled over, and got into an argument with the three people reportedly in the second car; one apparently threatened her.
The car allegedly followed the Meyers' home, and after the mother and daughter pulled in front of their house, opened fire. Tammy's husband, Robert, told the Associated Press that after hearing gunshots, the couple's adult son ran out of the house with a handgun, firing several shotsABC News reports the daughter had run inside before the shooting started.

Yes - because everyone knows - a good guy with a gun always successfully resolves a situation involving conflict with a bad guy with a gun .......

What a fucked up culture..

This is what Republican legislatures are enabling around the country.  Any fucking goober who feels like it can walk around in public armed and ready to kill.

Now -- considering that most of the states so far who are for these loose gun carrying laws are full of brain-dead rednecks to begin with .. there might be a positive cause/effect thing going on here where they just might knock off enough of each other that the gene pool might rise a bit.

All humor aside ..... this is the vision that conservatives have for America .... everybody fucking strapped at all times, and ready to unload on the most stupid of transgressions ...... it's shoot and ask questions later .... fucking morons.

The Gadfly is embarrassed to have these people as his fellow Americans.  Utterly, fucking, embarrassed.

The Gadfly knows that the sane people outnumber the lunatics, but somebody should fucking tell the cocksucking media of that fact ............

Guns at McDonald's ... that's what these viagra fueled, right wing losers want next .... if that's ok with u folks .... welll .. fuck you in so many words ... and not even this song could do justice as to how fucked up Gadfly feels this shit ... ....

And now? ...

That pretty much says it fucking all.


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