Sunday, November 2, 2014

Your Sewage Soaked Democracy . . .

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Gee --- whoever could have fucking predicted? . . .

A stealthy coterie of difficult-to-trace outside groups is slipping tens of millions of dollars of attacks ads and negative automated telephone calls into the final days of the midterm campaign, helping fuel an unprecedented surge of last-minute spending on Senate races.
Much of the advertising is being timed to ensure that no voter will know who is paying for it until after the election on Tuesday. Some of the groups are “super PACs” that did not exist before Labor Day but have since spent heavily on political advertising, adding to the volatility of close Senate and House races.

Thank you U.S. Supreme Court conservative justices for selling American Democracy down the conservative toilet of dirty corporate and industrialist, election buying money.

Sure -- this "dark" money benefits both parties.  But mark The Gadfly's words dear readers - once the tally is finished, it will be clear which party has benefited exponentially more by the sleaziest and most corrupt Supreme Court decision in the history of this now "officially" sanctioned oligarchy.

Once again, The Gadfly will call out the apathy of Americans -- for allowing their country to be hijacked buy a bunch of con artists, grifters and uber embezzlers.

Good job people.


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