Sunday, November 2, 2014

To Think Your Voice and Vote Mean Nothing is Capitulation to Democracy's Vandals . . . .

This is an issue near and dear to The Gadfly's dirty old fucking hippie heart.

Watch as Bill Maher deservedly tears the Democrats a new asshole while asking them when it is that they will finally grow a spine and stand up for their policies and their leaders in the same manner that the conservanuts do . . .

Maher ticks off just a few of Obama's accomplishments - and yes wing nuts - these FACTS are backed up by evidence, and not the kind you clowns pull out of the Rush Limbaugh's fat puckered sphincter, but the kind that people whose minds and lives are rooted in the reality-based world that most of us reside in put faith in.

63 consecutive months of national economic expansion.
A near depression caused by conservative economic policies averted.
The national deficit reduced by 66%.
A comprehensive health care law, that while flawed, is working and reducing costs.
Gender parity on the U.S. Supreme Court.
Osama Bin-Laden's corpse is at the bottom of the sea in a cement coffin.
The stock market is at record high levels.
The unemployment rate has been cut nearly in half.

Listen -- there are several issues which The Gadfly is dead set against Obama on and some where The Gadfly feels Obama has failed miserably at.  But if given the choice, once again, to choose between the train wreck of McCain/Palin or the grifters Romney/Ryan, The Gadfly would not waver one second in choosing the man better suited to the job - and a man who has proven himself infinitely wiser and more sane.

These corporate boot-licking, gutless Democrats who are running away from the above listed accomplishments --- better they lose.  They're not much better than their GOP counterparts, and in fact, it probably could be argued successfully that they are dead weight on the party and brand.

So anyhow -- get your apathetic asses off your sofas on Tuesday dear readers and prove the bought and paid for talking muppets on cable news and the spineless Democrats wrong about the GOP and the teabaggers getting ready to take over the Senate.  Prove them wrong and shut their braying and mewling mouths.

It really is up to you all now.


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