Saturday, November 15, 2014

And The Cycle of National Masochism Continues to Churn . . .

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. . . . !Yawn! . . . . is pretty much The Gadfly's overall reaction to the midterm elections outcome.  The Gadfly has a few observations and a couple of predictions to share about this election.

First off -- the Democrats got what they deserved.  Any political party that does not have the courage to stand up for it's leaders, it's policies and it's convictions, and the people they purportedly represent, should be viewed as the cowards that they are, and their commitment to govern as well as their commitment to be an alternative vision to the right wing extremists, should rightly be called in to question.  Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi have overstayed their time in American politics.  It is a much more cut-throat and meaner atmosphere out there in the world of politics and while their style of old school, political cordiality plays well to the traditionalists in the party, it doesn't win elections - in fact - The Gadfly would postulate that it loses elections these days as it portrays Democrats, wrongly or rightly, as weak-kneed and meek and therefore incapable of standing their ground and fighting for the people they are supposed to be representing.

Secondly -- fuck the media in this country.  When you have a media whose mission and principles are so fundamentally compromised that they just outright refuse to call winning candidates like Iowa's Joni Ernst and a slew of Tea Party basket cases like Colorado's Gordon Klingenschmitt as anything but batshit insane cranks, then that media has lost it's usefulness to the Republic and the only thing that can save it is to see it ignored and marginalized by the masses to the point that it's influence over the political process is obliterated and they are reduced to being nothing more than universally disdained, disgruntled hecklers sniping from the sidelines.

Lastly - President Obama has his own fair share of blame.  If he hadn't learned by now that the wingnuts in the Republican caucus would throw their own mothers off of a moving train in order to stop any policies that Obama put forth or supported, even if it did better the lives of their constituents, then Obama is either naive or foolish - of which both are fatal character flaws to be carrying in to battle against fanatical zealots like the Teabaggers.

As far as predictions go -- you can pretty much bet your life savings that Mitch McConnell and John Boehner will not be able to control the dark fantasies of the lunatics in their caucus and that those lunatics will eventually overreach and behave like the knuckle-dragging boors that they are, and in the process so alienate a wide swath of the American populace that Hillary Clinton will utterly emasculate them in 2016 while dragging the limp-wristed Dems on the tails of her petticoat back in to power.

You can also wager your jockey shorts that Obama will engage in some executive actions, just as Presidents before him have, and that the Tea Party response will be an attempt to impeach him.  Which, just as the last attempt at wingnut impeachment went, will only send Obama out of office with higher approval ratings (see Clinton, William Jefferson) than any Republican president could ever wet dream hope of achieving (see Bush, George W.).   And that assholery will also result in the lame-ass Demopublicans retaking control of all three branches of government in 2016.

It is truly a decrepit state of affairs in American politics, but it is what it is and we the people shoulder a measurable share of our own blame for the situation that our country is in by virtue of our apathy and defeatism toward the concept of putting tribalism before competence and reality.  Putting it bluntly - we get the giant, squishy, maggot-infested turd of government that we elect - and we are wholly deserving of it.


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