Friday, May 23, 2014

Truth -- The First Casualty in the Right's War on Reality . . . . .

Fox "News" doing what it does best - lying to it's viewers while fulfilling the role of Reich Ministry of Propaganda for the conservative movement:

Fox News host Kimberly Guilfoyle recently used the Veteran Affairs scandal to criticize Obamacare, but fact checking website PolitiFact said she is just wrong about that.
The White House is under fire over allegations that VA hospitals in Phoenix covered up long wait times, during which 40 veterans died, and that similar coverups happened at other VA hospitals across the country. On Wednesday, Guilfoyle compared the dysfunctional VA health care system to what the entire country will be getting under Obamacare.
"If [Obama] shines a light on that, if we actually have some illumination there, then you're going to see this is really what the rest of you all are going to get: one big fat VA system in the form of Obamacare," she alleged.
PolitiFact explained that while the government funds the VA, private health insurance companies continue to provide coverage under the Affordable Care Act.
The website rated Guilfoyle's claim "Pants on Fire," saying, "The VA is owned and operated by the federal government. Its staff are government employees. In contrast, Obamacare builds upon the existing private sector health industry."

Fox bobblehead Guilfoyle knows very well what it is that she is doing.  She is deliberately and sneeringly attempting to conflate the Affordable Care Act with the problems going on in the Veteran's Administration so that she can deceive her uneducated, willfully ignorant viewing demographics into believing that the conservative's psycho-babble about Obamacare "death panels" was right all along.

And even though PolitiFact jumped all over the duplicitous bullshit immediately by correctly pointing out the indisputable FACT that the VA is a government owned and operated system and the ACA is simply a government program that facilitates and builds upon access to the EXISTING PRIVATE SECTOR health care industry, that factual information, The Gadfly guarantees you dear readers, will not register so much as a detectable tremor in the brains of the lizard people who comprise the core of Guilfoyle's and Fox's audience.

But this is precisely what Pulitzer Prize winning author, journalist and reporter David Cay Johnston was talking about in an interview with Salon Magazine this week, when he made the following observation about Fox "News" and the liability of their role in the impending bloody revolution that will be the outcome of the right wing oligarch's ceaseless wealth hoarding.  Observe:

SALON:  When you mention demagogues, are there people currently on the scene that give you a shiver up your spine in that regard, or are you speaking hypothetically?
JOHNSTON:  I think it would be easy for someone to arrive in the near future and really create forces that would lead to trouble in this country. And you see people who, they’re not the leaders to pull it off, but we have suggestions that the president should be killed, that he’s not an American, that Texas can secede, that states can ignore federal law, and these are things that don’t lack for antecedents in America  history but they’re clearly on the rise. In addition to that, we have this large, very well-funded news organization that is premised on misconstruing facts and telling lies, Faux News (formerly Fox News), that is creating, in a large segment of the population — somewhere around one-fifth and one-fourth of it — belief in all sorts of things that are detrimental to our well-being.

When the dust settles following the implosion and fall of the American empire, and the historians have had a fair amount of time to analyze and catalogue the root causes of it all, Fox "News" and the right wing media lie machine that it is the drivetrain of, are going to be very near the top of the list on that inventory of culprits.


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