Friday, May 23, 2014

The Funny Man is Not Amused By the VA Hypocrites . . . .

Like The Gadfly, Jon Stewart is entirely scornful of the conservative's newly discovered sympathy and support for America's military veterans:

Part 1:

Part 2:

If the GOP really, really was interested in fixing the systemic problems with the Veteran's Administration, they could. However, since the mid-term elections are only five months away, look for them to cynically milk this issue for every ounce of hypocritical wingnut outrage that they can, only to eventually turn their backs on the veterans and backhandedly ignore them once the elections are over and they are no longer useful as propaganda tools.

As a veteran his self, The Gadfly will  remorselessly advise that any veteran who casts a vote for the Republicans is in effect casting a vote to screw themselves and their fellow veterans in the ass -- and if that is still not enough to convince you to vote for anyone other than the GOP, then don't come crying to The Gadfly when that ass-reaming begins and the resultant pain intensifies accordingly.


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