Thursday, May 22, 2014

Nothing That a Liberal Dose of Flea & Tick Powder Can't Solve . . . .

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The Gadfly has said it from the very first day that the Teabagger's burst forth with all of their hateful ugliness on to the national political stage --- and The Gadfly's prescient warning to the Republican establishment that --- "if you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas" --- obviously has gone unheeded:

Authorities say the vice chairman of the Mississippi Tea Party and two other men conspired with Clayton Kelly to photograph U.S. Sen. Thad Cochran's bedridden wife in her nursing home and create a political video against Cochran.
Mark Mayfield of Ridgeland, an attorney and state and local tea party leader, was arrested Thursday along with Richard Sager, a Laurel elementary school P.E. teacher and high school soccer coach. Police said they also charged John Beachman Mary of Hattiesburg, but he was not taken into custody because of "extensive medical conditions." All face felony conspiracy charges. Sager also was charged with felony tampering with evidence, and Mary faces two conspiracy counts.

The Teabaggers, in their thuggish zeal to take down long time, old school (meaning he occasionally and reasonably compromises with evil Democrats) Mississippi Senator Thad Cochran, not only dug deep in to the barrel of dirty tricks, they clawed their way right through the bottom of that barrel and burrowed themselves in to the leaking, toxic muck beneath it.

Jeebus fucking Kripes -- breaking into the nursing home where Cochran's ill wife was bedridden and taking photos of her, and then trying to use those photos to make a campaign attack ad??

They truly are some sick fucking assholes - and cowardly, unscrupulous ones at that.

But that is the face and the morals of your Tea Party America --- cherish and adore them.


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