Friday, May 23, 2014

How Much is Enough America? . . . . . . No - Really -- How Much???????

Proof that voices in numbers and force can stop the stupidity in it's tracks:

A Texas gun rights group has notified members that they are to "immediately cease" taking shotguns and rifles into private businesses unless invited to do so, backing down from a controversial strategy that has led several large restaurant chains to ask patrons to leave their guns at home.
The organization, Open Carry Texas, is one of many groups nationwide that advocate for the right of gun owners to wear and carry firearms openly in public. Photos from a rally by supporters of the group at a Dallas-area Chipotle restaurant went viral this week, prompting the burrito chain to declare that firearms are unwelcome in its restaurants.
On Friday, The Huffington Post reported that Chili's was also reconsidering its policy after a similar rally at one of its San Antonio restaurants. Video apparently taken by a participant in the rally shows a confrontation with a woman, apparently a patron, who scolds the men for bringing large guns into a restaurant where children are eating.

Chipotle, Jack-In-The-Box, Starbucks, Chili's . . .

Did these assholes truly believe that major restaurant chains were just going to sit on their hands in silence at the prospect of the gun goon guys strolling around their establishments with AR-15's and sniper rifles slung over their shoulders?  And actually -- not even slung --- displaying and waving them around while loaded!  Observe:
On Saturday, members of the Dallas County chapter of the gun-rights activist group Open Carry Texas brought along their military-style assault rifles with their appetites for burritos. "I personally carry an AK-47," one member told a local reporter. "There were a few AR-15s there. The rifles were loaded. There's no reason to carry an unloaded weapon—it wouldn't do any good." Openly carrying rifles (but not handguns) is legal in Texas.

And here's a photo of two of the goons yucking it up with their loaded killing machines while terrorizing their local Chipotle:

What if ol' fat boy Bubba there started choking on his double-decker cheese and bean burrito, fell off his chair on to his elephantine ass and his gun accidentally discharged.

Oh Gadfly - sillly boy - that never happens --- right?

Fucking seriously ....

What kind of voracious, brain eating amoeba has mass infected the cranial cavities of these people that led them to think that Joe and Jane America would meekly capitulate to the idea of taking their families out for a burger or tacos while a bunch of social misfits doped up on testosterone pills, nicotine and energy drinks are strutting around with loaded weapons of the kind whose primary purpose is ending the lives of other living beings?

Hopefully this is just the beginning of the drawing the line in the sand and smacking these dick-less neanderthals back into their caves where they belong.

Make it clear to these businesses dear readers - that if they allow these buffoons to bring their long guns into their establishments, that you will take your money and your patronage to businesses that do not.  If there is one thing that these companies and business people do understand more than anything, it is the concept of losing income and revenue to their competitors.


**BTW -- go read the Mother Jones article about this Texas open-carry group and how they have a penchant for targeting and threatening women who have lost children to gun violence and who have dared to exercise their constitutional right to get involved in gun control advocacy activities.  Unrepentant fucking cowards who without their killing machines would be nothing but a bunch of sniveling, whining, anti-social, sexually repressed, pre-pubescent men-children who collectively suffer from the condition known in medical circles as Micropenis.

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