Saturday, May 24, 2014

One Man's Twisted Interpretation of "Freedom" is Another's Terror . . . . .


A Utah man is now facing federal hate crime charges for threatening to kill a black child of a neighboring Caucasian couple. Robert Keller, a 70-year-old resident of Hurricane, wrote to the family to say he would kill the boy if the child remained in his neighborhood.
Keller told KUTV that he didn’t mean anything by it, “All I wanted to do was open their eyes.” “To me, it’s not a threat, it’s my opinion, which I should be allowed to,” he said, trailing off, before concluding with, “Of course, I wrote it down, which was a mistake.”
What Keller wrote down, in a letter to the family last December, was a direct threat. His hate-filled letter – which concluded with “Get this nigger out!” – explicitly warned the parents that he would kill either the boy or the parents if they did not remove him from the neighborhood.
By Keller’s own description the letter read, “If it was my daughter – I think I wrote that I’d slice his throat or something like that.”
Keller told KUTV that he was inspired to write the letter out of fear that the boy might try to date white girls. “I just said, ‘What’s gonna happen later on down the road, when this black kid starts chasing these girls? Which I’ve seen,” he said. “That’s what set me off. I saw him walking down the street with a white gal.”

Here's where The Gadfly shocks his dear readers by agreeing with Mr. Keller in that yes - his threats to kill the black kid living with his white neighbors, and killing the neighbors if they didn't comply to his demand to remove the child, are indeed his opinions, and he most certainly does have the freedom to express those opinions.  Pursuant to that - the authorities then have the freedom to arrest Mr. Keller for death threats and hate crimes and prosecute him under the statutes of the law of the land, and imprison him should a jury of his peers find him guilty.  As well, every citizen of our society has the freedom to publicly criticize and condemn Mr. Keller for his loathsome views and behavior and shun him should they see fit to do so.



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