Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Death of Outrage . . . . And the Primary Suspects in that Murder? Fox "News" . . . . . .

Jon Stewart is sick and fucking tired of the Fox "News"/wingnut propaganda, clown parade over Benghazi!!Benghazi!!Benghazi!!

Watch as Stewart rips in to the Fox hyenas and their sock puppet, GOP Senator Lindsey Graham like a starved monkey on a banana frosted cupcake:

[ Part 1 ]

[ Part 2 ]

It's a downright fucking shame that it takes a comedian on a fake news show to bring the truth to the American people.  And it really does underscore just how worthless and gutless the mainstream media has become in this country for not calling out Fox Clown "News" and it's Goebbels-inspired propaganda garbage.

[ click to enlarge ]


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