Saturday, August 31, 2013

We Bomb Them...We Bomb Them Not - - - - We Bomb Them...We Bomb Them Not - - - -...

Keep this in mind as this to-bomb-or-not-to-bomb Syria situation plays itself out:

Crash Course: A Guide To 30 Years Of U.S. Military Strikes Against Other Nations
A look at major U.S. military strikes as ordered by the last five U.S. presidents and the degree of international support behind the actions.
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All of this military dick-waving activity reminds The Gadfly of a prescient and precious George Carlin bit where Jedi Master George expounds upon the subject of America's proclivity to getting involved in wars for dubious, and oft times, less than dubious reasons:

Carlin's brilliance and insight in to the uniquely complicated American soul and mindset is just simply unrivaled.  The Gadfly sure does miss his cranky ass.


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