Saturday, August 31, 2013

Oh The Tangled Webs We Arachnids Weave . . .

While we have this debate as to whether America should stick it's militarized nose in to yet another mid-east labyrinth of violence, let us do a quick spot check on the country that we last tried to rescue from tyranny to see how they are getting along:

BAGHDAD August 28, 2013 (AP)
Car bomb blasts and other explosions tore through mainly Shiite districts around Baghdad during morning rush hour Wednesday in a day of violence that killed at least 80, intensifying worries about Iraq's ability to tame the spiraling mayhem gripping the country.
It was the latest set of large-scale sectarian attacks to hit Iraq, even as the government went on "high alert" in case a possible Western strike in neighboring Syria increases Iraq's turmoil.
A relentless wave of killing has left thousands dead since April in the country's worst spate of bloodshed since 2008. The surge in violence raises fears that Iraq is hurtling back toward the widespread sectarian killing that peaked in 2006 and 2007, when the country was teetering on the edge of civil war.

Oooops! . . . hehe . . . . well - nobody's perfect - right?


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