Sunday, September 1, 2013

Shit The Gadfly, If He Lives to be a Bazillion Years Old, Will Never Understand . . .

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The Gadfly typically avoids the subject of abortion for the simple fact that it tends to bring the rabid dogs of ultra crazy christo-fascists out of the woodwork in menacing droves, and it just isn't worth the effort to to try and engage these people at any intellectual level of discourse on the issue, because quite frankly they have completely and blindly rejected all forms of rationality and reason in their relentless pursuit of proselytizing their unsparing agenda.

Being that as it may -- The Gadfly will make an exception in this case:

You would not think, for example, that a convicted clinic bomber would have a lot of traction with a state medical board. In Kansas, however, Cheryl Sullenger was able to set in motion a case against Dr. Tiller’s former colleague, Dr. Ann Kristin Neuhaus, that in 2012 took away her license to practice medicine, and has driven her to the brink of financial ruin, and may well stick her with the entire cost of the proceedings against her—a whopping $92,672—should she lose her appeal. Was Sullenger a patient of Dr. Neuhaus who had been injured? The parent or spouse of one? No. She is a senior policy adviser to Operation Rescue who served two years in prison for trying to blow up a clinic in California in 1987, and whose phone number was found in the car of Dr. Tiller’s assassin, Scott Roeder. In Kansas, you see, anyone can bring a case against any doctor, and the anti-choice movement takes full advantage of that legal quirk. And so it came about that the clinic bomber drove a compassionate, caring doctor out of medicine and into near-bankruptcy.

The Gadfly does have one question -- why should these  people and their movement be accorded any respect whatsoever considering that they knowingly and unashamedly support domestic terrorists and cold blooded assassins? Terrorists you say??  Oh yes fucking indeed.  For what other word can be used to describe someone involved in a plot to use explosives to blow up a medical clinic?  Freedom fighter? Patriot?

And as if that wasn't reason enough to seriously question the morality and the integrity of their motives, if you read in to the article a bit further, you will find that the reason that domestic terrorist Cheryl Sullenger and Operation Rescue made it their mission to destroy Dr. Niehaus and her Kansas women's clinic was for the sole reason that Dr. Niehaus assisted a family who had sought out her services in terminating the pregnancy of their 10 year old daughter who had been raped by a family member. Which in turns begs yet a second question -- who in their right fucking mind would lend credence to the views of monsters that would force a 10 year old child to bring an incestuous pregnancy to full term?

Thankfully the poisonous ideology of these people is pretty much confined to a few ass backwards red states in the bible belt, but even knowing that does not make it any less infuriating and disgusting.


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