Saturday, June 8, 2013

Willard - Don't Go Away Mad ------ Willard - Just Go Away . . . . . .

While The Gadfly will gladly admit that he has serious differences of opinion on various issues with our current President, The Gadfly will also gladly state that he is eternally grateful that America was just smart enough to avoid putting this major league asshole in to power.


Former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney said Hurricane Sandy -- a major storm that pummeled the East Coast in October 2012, just before Election Day -- "didn't come at the right time."
"I can tell you the hurricane didn't come at the right time," Romney told Fox News' Neil Cavuto on Friday.
Sandy caused 159 deaths and between $50 and $100 billion in damage.
"I wish the hurricane hadn’t have happened when it did, because it gave the President a chance to be presidential, and to be out showing sympathy for folks," Romney said. "That’s one of the advantages of incumbency.”

Shorter Mitt Romney:  Curse that dastardly hurricane for showing up when it did and eliciting genuine feelings of compassion from President Obama towards his suffering fellow Americans.  The unmitigated nerve and decency of the President for daring to actually give a damn!

You know what kind of person makes a statement like Romney's?  That kind of statement comes from someone totally devoid of any semblance of human feeling and compassion for their fellow being - and much more so when that being is less fortunate than you based on heredity and economic class considerations.

Not that The Gadfly was in need of any more convincing - but he is infinitely more certain now, than ever, that America dodged a platinum-plated howitzer shell when they denied Willard Mitt Romney and his entourage of neo-gilded age vampires access to higher office and the capability to directly impact millions of people's lives.

In fair weather prepare for foul.
Thomas Fuller (1608 – 16 August 1661) English churchman and historian


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