Friday, June 7, 2013

Let Them Drink Oil! . . .

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We dirty fucking hippies have been warning them for years about this shit coming down the pike. Warnings, of course that have mostly fallen on deaf ears - or more like ears full of fracking fluid and drilling waste.  The Gadfly would advise his dear readers to prepare for more and more stories like this in the years ahead:

Barnhart, a small community in West Texas, has run out of water.
John Nanny, an Irion County commissioner and an official with Barnhart’s water supply corporation, said on Thursday that the situation was serious. When reached by telephone, he was working on pumping operations and hoped to have a backup well in service Friday morning. A load of bottled water was on its way to the community center, he said.
The town has one main well that serves 112 customers, according to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. But the well stopped pumping quickly enough Tuesday evening, and while there is still some water in it, Nanny said, "We don’t want to get down to the mud."
Nanny said he had checked for a leak but had not found one. The Barnhart area has been hard-hit by drought, he said, just as surging oil and gas drilling activities have increased local water demands.

You can lead a horse to water, but if there ain't no water, you can always use the glue made from the bleached bones of your thirst ravaged horse to get high on.

Sigh . . . . .


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