Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Head-Slapping, Moronic Bullshit Derpitude of the Day . . . .

It irks The Gadfly to an insufferable degree that a great many of these Republicans have about as much self-awareness as a rusty fucking doorknob.


Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant (R) said Tuesday that America’s educational troubles began when women began working outside the home in large numbers.
Bryant was participating in a Washington Post Live eventfocused on the importance of ensuring that children read well by the end of third grade. In response to a question about how America became “so mediocre” in regard to educational outcomes, he said:
"I think both parents started working. And the mom is in the work place."

The Gadfly cannot fathom that the thought has not dawned on the good Governor that perhaps 30 years (since the era of St. Reagan) of wage and cost of living wage adjustments being depressed, the coddling of corporations shipping U.S. jobs overseas, and economic policies that are heavily tilted in favor of the already wealthy and big corporations, and all supported by the free market fairy believing conservatives, has not contributed markedly to this deeply concerning conundrum of education suffering because dear mommy has to trudge off to work in order to help put food in her kid's bellys and keep the electricity on.

So blow me Governor.

Many more American families, the numbers increasing rapidly every year, are finding themselves in the untenable position of having to have both mom and dad as full-time wage earners simply to get by with providing their families with life's basic necessities from week to week.  

Where are the good paying jobs Governor?  Where are the livable wages Governor?  Where are the price controls on upward spiraling healthcare costs and basic necessities such as food, gas and utilities Governor?  Where is the legislation for an equitable, middle-class nurturing tax structure Governor?  Where are the programs to help struggling 2-wage earning families cope better with your conundrum Governor?   The Gadfly will tell you where all of these things are dear reader -- these things that would resolve the good Governor's education enigma -- they are in the minds of those dirty fucking hippie progressives who have been telling Governor Bryant and the rest of the conservatives in this country for decades that they were setting this country up for a massive and bitter failure of their beloved capitalistic economic ideology, which they wrongly perceive as infallible if only left to it's own unregulated designs.

So yeah - this kind of shit really does gall The Gadfly to his wit's end.  Thankfully The Gadfly has this shitty little blog to let off steam in - otherwise he would likely be out and about embroiling himself in all manner of depraved mischief - like sticking firecrackers in frogs sphincters and blowing them up - just like George W. Bush did as an agitated young fella.


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