Thursday, May 30, 2013

Where The Gadfly Reads Something that Inspires a Desire in His Self to Smash a Ball-peen Hammer Into His own Forehead . . .

Jeebus Fucking Kripes on a Hockey stick:

Fox's Stossel Dismisses Aid To Needy With Claim That No One Starved During The Great Depression


You have to think that at some seminal point in time, even the few Fox "News" viewers that still have a trace level of functional brain wave activity will come to the not-so-stunning conclusion that they are being used and abused like cheap hookers by Rupert Murdoch and his burgeoning stable of fascist propagandists.

Think about it -- how dreadfully fucking stupid and/or cynically disingenuous does John Stossel have to be to go on national television and make the easily disproved claim that no one went hungry during America's Great Depression?  The Gadfly supposes that all of those 1920's and 1930's photo essays in university libraries, museums and history books depicting hunger ravaged Americans, gaunt, suffering and struggling to find their next meal are just a big old commie liberal hoax - not unlike how global climate change and the outbreak of mass shootings are faked crises.

The Gadfly has to admit to you dear reader -- that he has long gotten over the self-flagellating act of feeling sympathy for a sizable portion of impoverished America -- specifically that portion who continues to buy into the utter right wing bullshit that is pumped out incessantly by the likes of the serial liars on Fox and who continues to elect and re-elect to public office these regressive Republican politicians who are nothing more than unfeeling oligarchs masquerading as human beings.  It's almost like these sad sack Americans have some bizarre strain of Wile E. Coyote syndrome.  Like Wile E., they keep committing the same, self defeating mistakes over and over and over again by electing the Ted Cruz and Michele Bachmann demagogues of the world, and every time they vote those type of vicious and selfish assholes into office again they dementedly expect a wholly different result. At some point, those of us on the outside observing their masochistic behavior just cease having much of anything resembling feelings of empathy with them any more.

Oh - and it goes without saying, that were The Gadfly to ever have the divine luck to meet up with Mr. Stossel in a dark alleyway, Stossel's puckered scrotum sac would be in imminent danger of being on the receiving end of a size 10 steel-toed motorcycle boot.


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