Saturday, August 12, 2017

Terrorism -- Alt-Right Style . . . . .

And now they have killed in the name of their vindictive, hateful and lifeless ideology.

Almost 20 people were injured and one person has died after a car plowed into a group marching peacefully, after violent clashes at a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Va., according to The Associated Press.
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It took our cowardly *president the better part of the whole day and a half (this shit started yesterday) to put out a statement condemning the violence -- and even when he did, he made it sound like it was a case of both sides are equally guilty -- which of course is pure fucking horse shit and he knows it.

He and his white supremacist pal Steve Bannon and his Nazi sympathizing adviser Sebastian Gorka probably needed time to formulate a statement that wouldn't upset the delicate feelings of their base --- you know --- guys like the one driving that car in the picture above.

During the campaign last year and all the way up to the election, Drumpf was continually exhorting his Neanderthal supporters to visit violence upon protesters.  It's all on fucking video and audio tape and no -- it's not "fake."

Today's events in Charlottesville, Virginia are the predictable end result of Drumpf's behavior and his words and his actions.  The blood on the hands of the driver of the car that plowed in to those peaceful protesters is just as deep red on the small hands of Drumpf himself -- and there's no way he's going to bullshit and smirk his way out of that reality.


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