Saturday, August 12, 2017

No Pictures or Cartoons, No Videos. Just Words That Need to be Said . . .

There's something that's been sticking in The Gadfly's craw all fucking day about the ugly shit that has occurred in Virginia the past couple of days.

There were a lot of Nazi symbols and flags within the ranks of the alt-right foot soldiers last night and today.  Combined with shouted slogans taken directly from Goebbel's propaganda playbook.  They were overtly, almost gleefully, telegraphing their ideology and it was vile and it was infuriating.

What truly enraged The Gadfly weren't so much the physical acts of violence, despicable as they were, but the aftermath of the whole deal.

As some of our national political "leaders" were publicly denouncing the Charlottesville violence, what was being left unsaid, much less talked about, was the most obvious observance of all --- namely that these people who call themselves collectively the alt-right --- are indeed motherfucking Nazis.  They are new-age Nazis, which as far as The Gadfly is concerned, makes them no different one iota from old-school Nazis.  They are one and the same.

There comes a time when people have to speak up.  Speak out against this madness and these disturbed individuals and their even more disturbing movement.  Be forceful and unrepentant in your views - especially so knowing that those views stand for decency and goodness in our society.

Think about it dear readers . . . this country fought a 5 year long World War, half way around the world, to defeat these Nazi sonofabitches and their evil ideology and their evil symbols.  More than 400 thousand Americans gave their lives in that war to kick Adolf Hitler and his Aryan fuckstick bullies to the curb.  More than 50 million humans died in that war.  The sound ass whooping which America dished out to Hitler was deliberately intended to send a loud message to the world that America was at the pinnacle of the moral high ground and more than ready and able to defend herself and her friends who might be threatened by other Hitler wannabes.

And yet, unbelievably, here we are, some 75+ years later, having to fight that same fucking, wearisome enemy again -- the enemy of our grandfathers and great-grandfathers, the enemy of our other brethren democracies, the enemy of our way of life, the enemy of humanity.  The enemy of a peaceful future.  Here we are facing that same insidious threat one more time -- only this time that enemy is us -- or at least a significant number of us and they reside right here in the good ol' homeland -- US of A.

Well this is one American who has had enough already of these assholes.  And if there is going to be the "taking back" of any country, the people getting this country's soul and legacy yanked out of it's hands (violently if it has to come to that) are going to be the ones who are left fondling their Swastika flags, their KKK costumes and their confederate flags.  It's going to be that venerable and inevitable story of good conquering evil --- as it should --- as it must --- as it will.

And as for our shit head little new-age Nazi friends -- The Gadfly is not sorry to say -- they're going to get their stupidly evil asses kicked to the curb one more time in world history -- and once again it will be utterly deserved.  And The Gadfly can only dream of securing any direct or indirect opportunity to be a contributing actor in that historical denouement.


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