Saturday, May 20, 2017

Would You Like a Communist Revolutionary Twist With Your Vodka Sir? . . .

How deeply is Drumpf in bed with the Russians?

Check out this promotional video for Trump Vodka from 2007:

DKAM | Trump Vodka - Russia from Overit Studios on Vimeo.

Watch closely, at about the 27-28 second mark a silhouette of Vladimir Lenin appears with arm raised.  Yes -- that Lenin.

The Gadfly cannot even fathom for one second the volume of the ear piercing, screeching screams of venom from the right wing conservatives if Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama were ever to be found to have used the historical image of communism's godfather to promote themselves in any way, shape or form.

And it truly does dovetail perfectly with Drumpf's current Russian problems --- doesn't it dear readers?  Drumpf and his whole fucking corrupt family and inner circle are way too chummy with the dictator Putin and his Russian oligarch friends.  Way too creepily chummy for The Gadfly's comfort.

Let's get to the bottom of their chumminess shall we?  Let the special counsel Robert Mueller have a completely free hand and unlimited power of subpoena.  Let the Kremlin chips fall where they may.


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