Saturday, May 20, 2017

It's an Easily Solvable Problem For "Leaders" With Integrity, Conviction and Courage . . .


Republicans in Congress fear President Trump could torpedo their majorities if he doesn't save his White House from constant crisis and pivot to the issues voters elected him to deal with.
. . .
A Republican lobbyist who is actively raising money for the party said the complaints have been piling up from donors. They don't think that the problem is media persecution or Democratic obstruction, they think the problem is the president.
. . . 
"People are feeling – it's disgust, it's shame, it's you name it, all of the above," the lobbyist said. Asked for examples of the complaints fielded, the lobbyist added: "When is this going to end? How can we recover? These are clowns."

Golly-gee-willerkins! -- what in the world could the majority party Republicans possibly do to put an end to Drumpf's republic destroying assholery?  If only there were some longstanding, traditional congressional method for dealing with an out of control, incompetent, corrupt, very likely treasonous president . . . . . . . .hmmmmmm . . . . . .

Hey Republicans -- here's something that may help you with your conundrum:

Just saying -- they thought it was good enough of a method to employ against a president who lied about getting a blow job - and The Gadfly is pretty certain that colluding with a communist regime to rig an American presidential election is a tad worse than that crime.


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