Sunday, January 22, 2017

Well That Was Special . . . .

So The Gadfly plied his self with a double dose of Mylanta and flipped on the idiot box yesterday afternoon to catch up on the day's activities surrounding the women's marches.  What The Gadfly was treated to instead was some pure comedy gold.

The waning cable news coverage of the women's marches was interrupted by an announcement that Drumpf's official mouthpiece, Sean Spicer, was going to give the new administration's very first press conference.  Oh yippee!  All the talking heads on the idiot box thought it would be some form of official acknowledgement by Drumpf of the day's events surrounding the women's marches and perhaps some smugly terse statement about how the new President respects all American's views and how he intends to graciously (even if disingenuously) reach across the divide and listen to those opposing views.

And that's where the treat comes in.

What Americans were bizarrely treated to was Drumpf's hack Spicer huffily rushing in to the White House press briefing room, and standing at the podium for at least 5 or 6 minutes red-faced whimpering like a little bitch about perceived media lies in regard to the size of the crowd that showed up to worship dear leader at his amazingly yuuuge and fantastic coronation the day prior.  Spicer spent the entirety of his mic time whining about how the mean old media is picking on poor little lord fauntleroy Donnie and how the Drumpfanistas just aren't going to take it any more goddamn it! -- and then without taking one single question from the gathered press pool he stormed out of the briefing room.

WTF?  Haha!  If The Gadfly didn't know any better he would swear that with his histrionic tirade Spicer was reprising this infamous performance:


Good lord these people are some seriously thin-skinned fucking assholes.

And of course - it goes without saying that Spicer deliberately avoided acknowledging the very big and even international story of the day -- the enormous crowds gathered in major cities across the U.S., as well as in several large cities in Europe, protesting for women's rights, and just as vociferously, against President Pussy Grabber himself.

NOT - ONE - WORD!  The Gadfly can only imagine how President Pussy Grabber was just apoplectic with high dudgeon knowing that a whole lot of women (oh the irony) had upstaged his glorious crowning event.  The poor bastard probably suffered a minor stroke.

The point is dear readers - this is the bunch of simpering cowards whom we have allowed to hijack our government with no good intentions in mind.  Shit -- Obama withstood 8 years of right wing conservatives daily questioning his very legitimacy not only as President and a U.S. citizen, but also as a man worthy of the exalted office for which he was landslide elected to twice.  You never heard a peep out of Mr. Obama in response back to those people and their quite often racism-tinged charges and cretinous behavior toward him.  That man had far too much grace, class and dignity to lower himself to their level.

But truly -- if Drumpf and his people are going to throw an infantile kiniption fit on their first day of governing as they did yesterday, The Gadfly can only surmise it is going to just get worse in the coming days, weeks, months...etc.  And it begs the question of course as to how exactly are they going to react when another nation's leader, possibly even an ally, criticizes little Donnie?  Will their reaction be just as juvenile?  Will they destroy alliances?  Will they start a trade war? Will they start a real war over their hurt little fee-fees?

Once again dear readers, as The Gadfly has alluded to in his most recent postings, this is the grossly sub-standard quality of people that the voters of this country have enabled to come to power.  What we have now is an immature, petulant jerk leading a pack of immature, petulant jerks.  Whatever could possibly go wrong?


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