Sunday, January 22, 2017

A Day in The Life of a Sightless Squirrel . . .

The Gadfly typically does not have much use or time for the views of George W. Bush era neo-conservatives, but in this instance, it's probably beneficial to those conservatives who still retain some semblance of sanity and human dignity to pay heed to this fellow's words as we move forward in the era of Drumpf.

Former adviser to Bush Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice - Eliot A. Cohen:

Trump lies because it is in his nature to lie. One suspects that there is nothing inside this man that quivers, however slightly, at an untruth. It is not uncommon for politicians, to a greater extent than most people, to believe what they want to believe, or to change their take on reality depending on what is convenient for them. With Trump, however, this will to believe is pathological: his psyche is so completely besotted by Trump that there is no room for anything, or anybody else.
We will not change him—no one can. His children may be able to soften the edges and his most trusted advisers may deflect him off his erratic courses, but nothing will teach him gravitas, magnanimity, or wisdom. Until he is impeached, thrown out of office in four years, succumbs to illness, or lasts through eight years, he is what we have learned he is, and will remain so. The beginning of wisdom will be to treat his office with respect, but him with none, because it will achieve nothing, and because as a human being he deserves none. He will remain erratic, temperamental, vengeful, and perhaps most of all, deeply insecure. A man who mocks John McCain, denounces Gold Star parents, snarls at an actor who spoofs him, and makes fun of a crippled reporter is someone whose core is empty, and whose need for approbation is unlimited because the void within him is so complete.

And as the hoary old saying goes - even a blind squirrel finds a nut now and then.


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