Thursday, September 15, 2016

Will Drumpf And His Minions Listen To These Generals? . . . Highly Doubtful . . .

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When it comes to The Gadfly's visceral feelings toward right wing conservatives in this country, a great deal of that animus stems from their outright, childishly stubborn denial that man-made climate change is real and their harebrained claims that the reputable, settled science is all just some liberal orchestrated hoax to take away their freedoms.

Which brings us to this:

A bipartisan group of military experts released a statement and two reports today arguing that climate change poses a significant risk to U.S. national security.
The statement, released by the bipartisan group Climate Security Consensus project, argues that the effects of climate change will put a strain on water, food and energy supplies, which can result in "unique and hard-to-predict security risks."
"The effects of climate change present a strategically-significant risk to U.S. national security and international security," the statement, signed by a bipartisan group of 25 national security and military leaders including Dr. Geoffrey Kemp, former special assistant to President Reagan for national security affairs and Dov S. Zakheim, former undersecretary of defense under President George W. Bush, said.
The statement argued that the "U.S. must advance a comprehensive policy for addressing this risk."
Some of the climate change risks to international security include "the likelihood of intra or international conflict, state failure, mass migration, and the creation of additional ungoverned spaces," the statement added.

Gee -- Imagine that . . . a bipartisan group of national security and military leaders are not only acknowledging the reality of climate change, but they are also sending up the warning flags about how it likely is going to result in "intra or international conflict, state failure, mass migration."  And if anyone is under the illusion that "intra or international conflict, state failure, mass migration" isn't going to impact their's and their loved one's lives, you truly do need to please pull your ginormous head out of your ass right now and start paying attention to this shit.

What really infuriates The Gadfly on this subject is the rank selfishness and willful ignorance from those on the right whose stiff-necked intransigence is based almost entirely on misguided loyalty to their narrow-minded ideology along with an almost infantile like, belligerent resistance to admitting that there is any possibility that they just might be dead wrong on the issue.  This immaturity has not only the potential to bring future misery and eventual harm to conservatives themselves, but also to millions of other humans -- others, like The Gadfly and his loved ones -- and that, quite frankly dear readers, is something The Gadfly is absolutely not willing to, in any way, shape or form, compromise about.

Now, it goes without saying that The Gadfly is in no way of the belief that the right wing dipshits in this country will pay any more attention to what these very serious military and national security people are screaming from the rooftops in regard to climate change, any more than they have paid attention to dirty liberal hippies like The Gadfly who have been ringing that alarm bell for years -- but there's always that tiny sliver of hope.

And the hope begins with keeping climate-change denying morons like Drumpf out of power, and voting for politicians, Republicans or Democrats, who demonstrate evidence of their own sanity by publicly acknowledging the reality of man-made climate change and the catastrophic effects that it presently is having on our planet and which will only worsen if urgent action is not taken to address it.

The Gadfly cannot speak on behalf of anyone but his self, but if you truly love your children and grandchildren and family and friends and you truly care about their future quality of life, you would do well to take The Gadfly's humble advice and start getting involved, start making your viewpoints known, start taking a stand.  The longer people sit around wringing their hands and being wishy-washy undecideds about this subject, the closer to human quietus we get and once we arrive at that point, it's game over for everyone.


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