Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Nothing That an Orange Jump Suit and a 4 Bunk, 8x8 Prison Cell Can't Fix ....

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Business as usual among the banksters:

Less than a week after Wells Fargo was slapped with a historic $185 million fine to settle customer fraud allegations, CEO John Stumpf is starting to open up about the scandal.
But instead of taking responsibility for what’s been described as a “pressure-cooker sales culture,” Stumpf seems to be blaming low-level Wells Fargo employees for opening up millions of fake bank and credit card accounts and billing customers for services and products they didn’t request.

And let's keep in mind -- this slimy scam would have gone undetected had it not been for the vigilance of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), the independent agency that was Sen. Elizabeth Warren's conception as an antidote to the 2008 financial collapse which occurred as a direct result of rampant corruption and thievery in the U.S. financial services sector.

It should be noted as well that the CFPB is the agency that Republicans, including Herr Drumpf, desperately want to, and have been continually trying to exterminate as a favor to their Wall Street overlords.

Suffice to say -- the day that Drumpf and his supporters call for mandatory life sentences for these banking and Wall Street criminals is the day that The Gadfly will give a flying fuck what their views are as to what is best for the future of this country.


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