Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Comedy Show . . . The Most Trusted Place For News...

Watch John Oliver as he bitch-slaps the stupid out of the fear-mongering, hysterical conservatives and our equally contemptible media over the Syrian refugee issue:

As humorous as Oliver's piece is, it's just as equally depressing knowing that America's comedians are the only ones left to offer some sane perspective and insightful facts on the important issues and news stories of the day.

The modern mainstream news media in this country, for all intent and purpose The Gadfly has concluded, is a lost cause.  Their integrity has been so deeply compromised by the symbiotic relationship which they have with their corporate and military/industrial complex overlords that they no longer serve a useful purpose to our society.  Do yourself a huge service dear readers -- turn them off, tune them out -- you will be infinitely more the wiser simply by paying no heed to their toxic nonsense and propaganda.


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