Saturday, November 21, 2015

Can Their Hysteria Get Any More Childish and Stupid? . . . Gadfly Says - Bet On It.....

The Gadfly doesn't even know where to start on the sordid subject of American's lily-livered, hysterical response to the Paris attacks, but I suppose this is just as good a place as any:

Steve King, Citing Obama’s Time In Indonesia, Says Obama Is Filling U.S. With Terrorists

But you know, while I was going on, he was going to a school in Indonesia, so his idea of America is entirely different than the idea that most Americans have of what we ought to be like, and he’s filling our country up with people that will continue to attack us.”

That's this wingnut fluffer:

"...he (Obama) was going to a school in Indonesia" ...[hint-hint... DIRTY MUSLIM!!]

For those, who at their own democracy's peril, don't pay attention to this shit, Steve King is the congressturd from Iowa who has made it clear that he has some really serious problems with people being in this country who don't resemble "real" Americans - you know the kind - the blue eyed, blonde haired, uber Aryan type.

King has burnished his image in right wing conservative circles by demonizing Latinos and other immigrants of a darker skin tone than his, and so it's not much of a surprise that he is wasting no time in hitching his vile shithead wagon to the smear Syrian refugees gravy train.

Speaking of the Syrian refugee situation, The Gadfly will have a whole lot of fact-based something to say about that pitiful subject in a separate post.

But back to this slimy little weasel congressturd Steve King . . . The Gadfly has lived in southern California for 30+ years now.  He has met and worked with all manner of fantastic people in this amazing melting pot of cultures and ethnic backgrounds.  In fact, The Gadfly married in to a Latino family around 28 years ago.

The Gadfly can tell you this -- all of The Latinos (as well as many others of different ethnicities) that The Gadfly has had the pleasure of knowing and working with over the years are some of the most honorable, hardworking, family-oriented, and kindest people he has ever met.  Steve King and his Aryan friends could only wet-dream hope of ever achieving the level of pride, character integrity and human dignity that all of those "dirty Messicans" and other immigrants have always had with their decency, honesty and humanity.

Steve King can snidely insinuate all he wants that the secret Muslim Obama is opening the floodgates for the ISIS hordes to come in and kill us all in our beds, and no doubt he will find many a brain-dead American bigot eager to nod their empty, Fox "News" propaganda filled cranium in agreement, but just because King carries the title of Congressman next to his name, does not mean he knows squat fuck what he's talking about.

Suffice to say, The Gadfly has a fairly simple, and singular message for Congressturdman Steve King, his Iowa voting bloc, and his supporters .... and it's this:

No - seriously . . .  Shaddap a you stoopid fucking faces ... mkay?


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