Sunday, October 11, 2015

When Bobby Met Martha . . .

Please watch this clip - even at peril to your own mental health . . .

OMFG! ... So Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, who, The Gadfly forgets, is either Clown #9 or #11 in the GOP clown car of Presidential clown hopefuls is spouting off about how much better he would be at handling all of the batshittery going on over in the middle-east.  ABC's Martha Raddatz asks lil' Bobby how he would better be able to handle the problem of ISIS than Obama:

RADDATZ:  "But how do you train rebels who are there to fight [Syrian President Bashar al-Assad] to suddenly want to fight ISIS?  That's the main problem with those Syrian rebels."
... and lil' Bobby puffed out (or in) his hairless little concave chest and blurted . . .
JINDAL:  "We need to enforce that no fly - we need to create a no-fly zone working with our Turkish and other allies."
... and thankfully Raddatz did her fucking job as a journalist for a change and didn't let him bullshit his way through with that statement . . .
RADDATZ:  "Let's talk about a no-fly zone, ISIS doesn't have aircraft. So what would that no-fly zone really accomplish? When has it really worked?"

Lil' Bobby, stunned that a mainstream media hack actually had the temerity to question his smug dissembling, then went on to stammer a bunch of bullshitting gobble-dee-gook which served only to to compound the stark reality that he was just pulling large steaming piles of manufactured horse shit out of his ass in order to impress the rubes who support him.

This is what drives The Gadfly stark-raving mad.  The fact that know-nothing clowns like Jindal, Trump, Carson, Fiorina . . . . . and the rest of the knob jobs in that circus car . . . can just get their air time on national TV, and fling around statements like Jindal's "no-fly zone" nonsense - like chimps flinging gobs of their own feces around in the monkey house - and nobody calls them out on their flim-flammery.

It's fucking maddening.  The Gadfly will acknowledge though that Raddatz does deserve partial credit for at least making the obvious known in her follow-up, but if she were a truly top-notch journalist, she would have gone in for the kill and just bloodied Jindal with the blunt end of his own prevaricating clap-trap -- if for the sole reason that Bobby Jindal wants to be President of the greatest democracy on the planet, and if he is as fucking stupid and ignorant about world affairs as he seems to be, or as much of a fraud as he also appears to be, the American people sure as hell deserve to know about it.


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