Saturday, October 17, 2015

Many Are Being and Will Be Fooled Again . . . and Again . . . and Again . . . . . . . .

The fact that this man continues to evade hard, journalistic questioning of his ideas and positions just fucking astounds The Gadfly.

If you’ve paid attention to right wing politics at all, you know that Republican politicians never, ever back down from a batshit crazy statement. This would make them look weak to the nuts they’re trying to appeal to, so they stick to their delusional guns no matter how many people express outrage and no matter how many times their craziness is debunked.
Ben Carson is staying true to this Republican axiom today, refusing to budge an inch from his ahistoricalcounter-factual, highly offensive statements about the Holocaust.
Appearing on CBS’s Face the Nation Sunday, Carson defended his assertion that if more people had been armed leading up to and during World War II, Adolf Hitler may not have been able to carry out the mass murder of Jews in Europe on such a large scale.

The Gadfly is still waiting for this faker to produce the police report supporting his on-air claim that he once had a gun shoved in his ribs while standing in line at a Popeye's chicken restaurant that was being robbed --- at a time when he was (and supposedly still is) a professed Vegetarian.

Ben Carson's problem with the media isn't that they are picking on him, it's that they aren't fucking shredding him enough for his fucking bullshitting and lies and his asinine positions on most of the issues.  But for the right wing nuts, the big media has for years been one of their bogey men.  If something isn't going good for one of their batshit insane candidates (here's a classic example) it's all the "liberal" media's fault - and damned be the reality that their chosen one is actually an empty-headed buffoon.

Once again, The Gadfly will defer to his previous post about how the mainstream media in this country is totally fucking useless on most fronts when it comes to accurately and truthfully informing the American electorate.  The heads of the major news corporations in this country cannot even openly acknowledge the very documented reality that a specific "News" organization called Fox "News" is in fact a quasi-news-right-wing propaganda outfit.  They fucking won't admit it.  That, in The Gadfly's view, calls in to question their commitment to the art of honorable journalism and by proxy - the truth.

Anyhow - back to the subject at hand - for Ben Carson to be whimpering about how the media is distorting his words, is just fucking laughable.  The man actually said, in his own documented, recorded words, that if Germany's pre-WW2 Jewish population had only been super armed with lots of hand guns and rifles (yeah - sure - a tiny portion of the populace armed with 1930's era small arms against Hitler's Army - fucking LOL!), they might have avoided the dreaded gas chambers.

Sigh ... the simple truth of the matter is that Ben Carson is an idiot outside of his trained specialty.  He knows nothing of the subject(s) the he is trying to impress his NRA supporters with.  The Gadly could provide an entire page worth of historically linked documentation which blows Dr. Ben's Nazi/NRA/armed Jews fantasy to kingdom hell, but what's the point?  He said it, his moron supporters believe it, the mainstream media fails to call him on his woeful ignorance, and so we just simply await for the whole insidious process to regenerate with the next bullshit statement.

If Ben Carson tomorrow would claim he has proof that Barack Obama personally profited off of the sale of baby parts sold by Planned Parenthood ... the media in this country would take the statement semi-seriously and ask for an interview with Carson so that he could "clarify" his remarks.

"Clarify" what??  Fucking fact-free bullshit pulled out of your sphincter? .... jeebus....

And The Gadfly is sick of that fucking bullshit.  Sick of that fucking, mindless, discourse ruining bullshit.

Carson and his ilk are not playing on a level playing field, their fucking brains are deeply ensconced in a Matrix of their own creation .... and they aren't just peddling red or blue pills, but mauve, plaid, aqua and polka dot pills too.

They are loons -- loons -- loons -- loons -- loons.  Why does The Gadfly have to repeat this bit of obviousness ad fucking nauseum on the pages of this shitty little blog???

Pant!,,,Pant!!,,,,,,Pant!!! ... Apologies for the rant dear readers ... the wingnuts truly do get The Gadfly riled up some times and he loses perspective of the end goal ...

Anyhow, here's The Gadfly's paean to not putting any faith in to the conservatives fucking bullshit clown show politics any more:

Yeah kids ... if u get fooled again .... don't look at The Gadfly .... blame your dumb ass selves ..... that's all.


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