Saturday, October 10, 2015

What About The Right to Not Take a Badly Aimed, Stray Bullet to Your Head? . . .

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It's official - the dawn of the ultimately doomed idiot nation is in full swing.


Police in Auburn Hills, Michigan are investigating an attempted shooting at a Home Depot, where a 47-year-old woman with a concealed carry permit tried to shoot a fleeing shoplifter, WXYZ reports.
According to authorities, the woman witnessed a man exiting the Home Depot while being followed by loss prevention officers. The man attempted to flee in a small, dark sport utility vehicle, at which point the woman pulled out her concealed 9mm handgun and opened fire in the Home Depot parking lot.
She fired repeatedly, and police believe one of the bullets struck and flattened the SUV’s tire — but the suspects, described as two males in their 40s, one white and one black, still escaped. The woman is said to be cooperating with police, who are still deciding whether to charge her for shooting up a Home Depot parking lot to stop a suspected shoplifter.
According to police, there were many people in the parking lot when the woman shot at the fleeing SUV. A police spokeswoman told a WXYZ reporter that “the best thing that anybody who witnesses or thinks they’re witnessing a crime could do for us is gather information, write down information, provide it to the officers when they arrive.”

This is the kind of America that the NRA gun goon guys and the Teabagger nuts get sexually stimulated just thinking about.  It is a nation where a petty crime instantly triggers the violent process of a rootin' tootin', varmint shootin' gun nut to let his (in this case - her) Dirty Harry freak flag fly, while being coldly and selfishly oblivious of the environment they might be in at the time.

This idiot woman, for whatever fucking idiotic reason that was flowing through her idiotic pea-sized brain, saw a petty crime being committed and looked upon it as a golden opportunity for her and her 9mm killing toy to be a spontaneous judge, jury and executioner.

This woman was not in any danger, nobody else was in any danger, she was not defending her person or her own property, and the petty thieves were not only unarmed - they were in full skedaddle mode when she let fly with the bullets.  To put it bluntly, in broad daylight, in a major retail establishment's parking lot, this supremely idiotic woman decided that she had the right to unload her 9mm clip, a clip which generally holds anywhere from 15 to 30 rounds, on a couple of fleeing petty criminals.  And this occurred, according to police, with many innocent bystanders present.

What the fuck is wrong with these people's brains?  What kind of mad-cow form of parasitic virus has invaded and shredded the reason and analytical centers of these asshole's gray matter such that they feel it is their right to behave in a manner which very easily can result in grave injury or death to innocent people?  Who's fucking afraid of ISIS when you have these home-grown terrorists running around??

This is the kind of stupid and dangerously uncaring behavior that all of these NRA championed, conservative sponsored and passed open carry gun laws are emboldening - and it goes without saying that nothing beneficial to a civilized society will ever come from it.

The reason why The Gadfly has such a visceral reaction to this story is because The Gadfly can envision his self at his local Home Depot or whatever other public establishment, perhaps with his wife or his grandson or one of his beautiful granddaughters, and this scenario plays out and one of The Gadfly's loved ones is seriously hurt or possibly even killed by one of these Yosemite Sam, gun stroking lunatics.

The Gadfly is so goddamn sick of these delusional, ammosexual asshats and their killing toy fetishes.  Fucking enough of this asinine OK Corral stupidity already ok?  It has become long, long past time for the sane people of this nation to stand up in numbers to these cretins if they care at all about a safer, less violent society for their children and grandchildren to live and prosper in.


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