Saturday, October 10, 2015

If You're Going to Lie, Try at Least to Make the Lie Faintly Believable . . .

Jon Stewart's replacement on The Daily Show, Trevor Noah, is beginning to make his mark -- watch how he deftly filets bullshit artist Dr. Ben Carson's lame-ass hypocrisy . . .

Trump's bombastic idiocy is bad enough.

Ben Carson, it appears though, is determined to go the fully monty with his own level of lying asshattery.  Yes - that is right - The Gadfly is calling the distinguished neurosurgeon, Dr. Ben Carson a fucking liar - specifically in regards to this having a gun shoved in his ribs story, purportedly while he was standing in line at a Popeye's restaur . . .oops - sorry . . organization.  Why is the story a lie? Here's why:

Republican primary politics is often about giving “red meat” to conservative voters, but that is something Dr. Ben Carson will not do. Carson, the only openly vegetarian candidate in the 2016 pool, has avoided meat for decades. He told the Vegetarian Times in 1990 that his religion and health concerns inspired his diet.

Carson is a fucking vegetarian.  Do you get it kids?  What is a vegetarian doing standing in line at a greasy fried chicken joint??

Also, how does Carson then reconcile his claimed action in Popeye's - cowardly imploring his armed assailant to shoot the store clerk instead of him - with his comments this past week in support of the gun nuts about how people caught up in a mass shooting situation should, for the sake of freedom loving 'Murrikans everywhere, all bond together and rush the bullet spraying madman?

Of all the things to tell a made-up, bullshit story about . . . . that one's a beaut -- and it certainly has The Gadfly questioning the man's mental fitness, not only for the office of the Presidency, but in general.

The fact that Trump and Carson are the two leaders in the polls for the Republican presidential nomination tell you everything you need to know about the currently sad and also frightening state of affairs of the party of Lincoln.  And with pathological liar Carly Fiorina running a strong no. 3, it truly does look like the GOP nominee battle is going to be one which is all about who can bullshit the brain dead wingnuts more effectively.

They truly are, as Esquire's Charles Pierce keeps reminding us all, the fucking mole people.


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