Friday, August 21, 2015

Somebody Please Stop Them Before The Stupidity Reaches Critical Mass . . .

It can never be too understated too much just how mind-numbingly, achingly fucking stupid some of these right wing, conservative Republicans truly are.

Case in point:

Tennessee Republican Wants Taco Bell Shut Down For ‘Being Too Mexican’
When Clem O'Connor walked into the Taco Bell in his town for the first time, he was greeted with words, smells and tastes that offended him to his core. Though someone's taste buds being offended in Taco Bell is nothing new, what made The Political Garbage Chute reach out to Clem was the reason for his outrage, and the campaign he's started because of that outrage. O'Connor is convinced that Taco Bell is "an agent working for the Mexican government" and they are "infiltrating American culture one Cheesy Gordita Crunch at a time." So Clem wants Taco Bell run out of his small Tennessee town, and he's petitioned everyone from his local city council on up to the governor of the state to have the fast food chain thrown out of Hazard for good.

"You know there isn't a single hamburger to be found on Taco Bell's menu," Clem asked our interviewer rhetorically while adding, "there is nothing more American than a hamburger. So I have to ask, what is about America that Taco Bell hates?"

O'Connor says that he's "not racist at all" but that he "just know[s] that you can't have a huge welfare state and let any Tom, Dick or Jose in the country" even though he also says he "understands that undocumented people can't get Federal and most state benefits." O'Connor says that his fight against Taco Bell is symbolic as a "struggle against the silent invasion from the South." When shown immigration statistics that prove no major influx of Mexican immigrants is coming into the country, O'Connor told us "it's the principle of the thing" and "just because it's one way today don't mean it won't be another way tomorrow."

Somebody should pull ol' Clem aside and bring him up to speed on that Google thingy.

The founder of Taco Bell is a fellow by the name of Glen Bell ("Bell" -- hint, hint).  He was a WWII U.S. Marine veteran who after the war started up some hot dog and hamburger stands in southern California.  He eventually added tacos to his menu along with other Tex-Mex offerings and eventually spun off that part of his food chain which ultimately begat the first Taco Bell restaurant in 1964.

Simply put - Taco Bell is about as solidly Americana as you could possibly fucking fathom.

But conservative idiots like ol' Clem here aren't about to let reality and the truth get in the way of an opportunity to jump on the Trump immigrant bashing bandwagon - aka the Xenophobe Express.  Nosiree.

They are just itching to blame all of this country's woes on the brown people, and yet never for a minute does the thought cross their tiny, feverish minds that the brown people, most especially the undocumented ones, hold absolutely no power of any kind over the economic and political policies of this country.  All of that kind of power lies in the hands of the people just like the assclown who they are presently smitten with and fawning over with puppy dog eyes - yes - The Gadfly is referring to this horse's ass:

And it is that asshole and his plutocratic ilk who have orchestrated the death spiral of the middle-class, further indentured the working poor to lives of unrewarding hard labor, and cynically rigged the financial, legal and political systems in this country lopsidedly in their favor.  It is they who are the true perpetrators of the socio-economic misery that these right wing, conservative dipshits are bitching and moaning so much about.

MSNBC's Chris Hayes really nails what's going on here:

I want to talk about what we are seeing unfold here because I think what we are seeing is past the point of a clown show or a parody. I believe it is much more serious and much darker…You have someone now who is getting huge crowds, who is polling at the top of the GOP field, who polls show is beating Jeb Bush by 44 to 12 percent on the issue of immigration, going around the country calling little children, newborn babies, anchor babies saying that he’s going to use that term which I find a dehumanizing and disgusting term. Talking about giving the local police the ability to “do whatever they need to do to round up” the “illegals”. Building a wall, talking about basically chasing 11 million people out, talking about deporting American citizens to “keep families together”, talking about what would essentially be the largest most intrusive police state in the history of the American republic to go about this task, that is the person that is right now at the head of the Republican party’s presidential contest.

There are some truly dark days ahead for this nation if we allow this farce and the people perpetrating it upon us to get their way.


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