Thursday, August 20, 2015

Hitler's Brownshirts Were "Passionate" Followers Too . . .

It's getting downright ugly out there in right wing Goonistan . . .

AUGUST 20, 2015, 9:42 AM EDT
A Boston man allegedly told police that he beat and urinated on a homeless man early Wednesday because the man was Hispanic, citing real estate mogul Donald Trump's comments on undocumented immigrants as justification for the attack.
In response, the Republican presidential candidate said that "it would be a shame" if his anti-immigrant campaign rhetoric inspired the beating. He immediately pivoted from the mild condemnation to praising his "passionate" supporters' commitment to restoring America to greatness.
Trump was asked Wednesday night at a campaign stop in New Hampshire whether he was concerned about inciting violence with his stump speeches, according to The Boston Herald. The billionaire said he hadn't heard about the attack, adding that he thought it "would be a shame."
"I will say, the people that are following me are very passionate," he continued, as quoted by the Herald. "They love this country. They want this country to be great again. But they are very passionate. I will say that.”

So The Great Donald, who when advised that his immigrant bashing rhetoric inspired the senseless, brutal and cowardly attack by two of his goose-stepping followers on a sleeping homeless man, just because his skin was brown, simply shrugs his shoulders and basically states,  "meh . . . yeah, dat's too bad, but hey - my followers sure are passionate ain't they?" (Gadfly's translation of Trump's reaction).

Like Ben Carson who just couldn't muster up the moral courage and human integrity to say no when asked if he would consider using drones to drop missiles on unsuspecting immigrants coming across the border, The Great Donald is incapable of calling a despicable, cowardly act just that, even when knowing that the people who committed the act claim they were inspired by Trump's own words.

The Gadfly just sits back and truly wonders just how far down the rabbit hole of hateful, bigoted, right wing fascism that Trump and the rest of the GOP xenophobes and sorry excuses for human beings are going to lead their brain-dead, cult followers.  Let us fervently hope there will be no need to find out the answer to that chilling question.


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