Monday, August 17, 2015

If By "Plan" He Means Narcissistic, Paranoid, and Demented Fantasy - The Gadfly Concurs . . . .

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Allow The Gadfly to make something unambiguously clear here - The Gadfly is not going to stop talking about this freak clown show known as Donald Trump until Trump's presidential ambitions and his campaign are resting comfortably at the bottom of the dust bin of American political history where they rightfully belong.

So on that note -- did you know that The Donald has a yoooooooooooge! "plan" to solve America's immigration problems?

Oh but he does dear readers - and it's nothing short of Donald magic:

Donald Trump has actually released an immigration policy plan, which is more than any of the other candidates have done.
It’s absolutely insane. Xenophobia completely off the scale. We’re talking batshit, cubed.
Let me summarize this bizarre fear-mongering screed.
Trump insists he’s going to build a gigantic impenetrable wall along the southern border, and he’s going to make Mexico pay for it.
Trump plans to deport millions of undocumented immigrants, and he plans to implement this insane scheme by tripling the number of ICE agents, presumably because he’s going to need a lot of enforcers to round up all the families he needs to deport.
And last but pretty damned far from least, Trump says he’s basically going to either repeal or ignore the 14th amendment to the US Constitution, because he’s planning to end birthright citizenship. His plan doesn’t spell out exactly how he’d accomplish this, probably because he knows it’s never going to happen in the real world.
In fact, none of this is ever going to happen in the real world, and if Trump becomes president and actually tries to make it happen, it would involve turning the United States into a full-blown police state.
But I guess that prospect is attractive to conservatives.

The man is batshit bonkers.  And The Gadfly doesn't give a flying fuck if 24% of the electorate believes this clown's bombastic proclamations of how he, The Great Donald, is going to unilaterally, and presumably, entirely within his first 4 year term, fix all of this country's societal ills just by yelling at people and ordering them to do as he says.  The people who are buying unquestioningly in to Trump's psychotic ramblings truly are just as, or even more, batshit bonkers than he is.  And the mainstream media, who are facilitating this yoooooooooooge! unfunny joke on the American people should be fucking ashamed and ought never to be trusted in any sense, on any issue of national importance, ever again.

Humor The Gadfly here dear readers and allow him to make a few observations about The Great Donald's magnificent, well thought out, immigration "plan."

First off --- the "gigantic impenetrable wall."  The U.S./Mexico border is 2,000 miles in length.  The terrain is not all flat land across every one of those 2,000 miles - there are canyons, mountains, rivers and lakes.  There are also some fairly good sized cities right on the border line, as well as a lot of privately owned property.  Can someone, anyone explain to The Gadfly (preferably someone with some real-world engineering knowledge, how this purportedly uninterrupted wall is going to be built to provide end-to-end coverage of the border over such a diverse terrain?  And how big exactly is "gigantic" in Trump's world view?  If it's as big as his mouth and his ego, The Gadfly would have to surmise that that wall has to be a minimum of 20 stories tall.  And let's not forget "impenetrable!"  Does that imply a wall which has been manufactured out of pure titanium, 50 feet thick, with it's base buried another 50 -100 feet below the surface to discourage tunnelers?  And Mexico is going to pay for it ALL huh??  The Gadfly assumes that means them paying not only for the building of the "gigantic impenetrable wall," but also the ongoing costs of staffing to guard it and the maintenance and upkeep of it.  It took the Chinese 200 years to build The Great Wall of china -- but The Great Donald is going to do it in 4-8 years, and it ain't going to cost Americans a single penny. Seriously.

Secondly --- The Great Donald says he is going to round up and deport the estimated 12 million undocumented immigrants that are currently living, and in the vast majority of cases, gainfully working in the U.S., even if those immigrants have parents born in this country or are themselves parents of children born in this country (aka U.S. citizens).  Quite the conundrum no?  Ahh, but The Great Donald has a plan for that little problem too - he is just going to repeal the 14th amendment to the U.S. Constitution (all by his self apparently) or simply ignore it (there's a word for that btw - and they used to hang people for it) and build up a government army of filthy immigrant trackers and rounder uppers who will march in to battle against the gardeners and janitors and tomato pickers and nannies of America and root them all out in the name of truth, justice and the Trumpian way!  All hail The Great Donald!

Lastly --- to the morons who think this man's plan actually makes sense .... honestly people ... .... if you truly believe that Donald Trump is going to round up 12 million people and forcefully deport them, build a 2,000 mile "impenetrable" wall along the U.S./Mexico border, all while bulldozing the U.S. Constitution, and accomplish it all on a 3rd world country's dime, well ... .... The Gadfly begs you to seek psychological counseling, and the quicker, the better, because a sane mind is a terrible thing to waste.


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