Sunday, July 19, 2015

The Gadfly's Bi-Annual Statement .... Take It or Leave It . . .

The Gadfly loves his country.  Will love it in to his grave.

The Gadfly wants a vibrant, moral, strong, economically and socially equitable America for his children and grandchildren.

The current crop of fascist clowns in the GOP presidential clown car do not in any way, shape or form impress The Gadfly or give him much faith that they give a fucking rat's ass about The Gadfly's children's and grandchildren's futures.

They care much more about their goddamn socio-political movement and the oligarchs who are funding it than they do about the country's future on whole, much less about this planet's future.

They are unworthy of trust to lead this country forward in to the the middle part of the 21st century.  The fact they were willing to put this idiot a heartbeat away from the presidency is proof enough:

Look at the deer in the headlights look at the initial question -- then listen to the empty-headed, beauty queen answer:

The late, great George Carlin said it best about why he abhorred the mindless jingoism and breast-beating idiocy of nationalism:

And of course, he was right.  He was always right about shit.  Symbols and flags and nationalistic chest thumping ..... it's all so childish and yet the human race is still encumbered here in the 21st fucking century by this idiocy.  We have a fucking planet that is slowly dying before our very eyes and we're still fighting the political, religious and social wars of centuries past.

Perhaps Carlin was right when in one of his final interviews he talked about the impending doom of the human race and why he lost faith in their endeavors:

This might shock some of The Gadfly's dear readers, but The Gadfly actually does not share George's total disillusionment with the human species.  Here's why ... The Gadfly knows that Darwin's theory of evolution, if anything, has taught us that intelligent, self interested behavior by creatures of the animal kingdom, including we humanoids, will weed out the defective breeds and the smarter ones will survive.  The Gadfly pins much of his hope on that tenuous thesis -- providing of course that the lunatics like Palin and ilk never gain power and blow up the fucking planet just to spite that intelligence in the interim.


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