Sunday, July 19, 2015

No Confusion in These Quarters . . . . Nosiree . . .

Inimitable blogger Digby was ruminating on the confusion by some in the media on reconciling the right's contradictory views about and reactions to the most recent mass shootings in the U.S.

And quite honestly, her simplistically blunt observation on the matter should be the end-all one.


If a white American does this it's just a sad fact of life, they have problems and there's nothing we can do except maybe give everybody more guns. If a black person did this it would have been because he was a thug and belonged in jail long ago. If a Latino did it we need to build a wall and deport as many of them as possible. If a Muslim did it, it's an act of war. There's nothing confusing about it.

The Gadfly appreciates it when people reformulate seemingly complex matters and puts them in to straightforward, unambiguous terms.  It makes The Gadfly's job of passing on an important message all that more easier.


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