Sunday, April 12, 2015

Journey To The Center of The Chickenhawk Mind . . . .

Sigh . . . .

Ted Nugent Goes On Unhinged Rant About Shooting Immigrants, 'Crushing' Democrats
SUBMITTED BY Brian Tashman on Thursday, 4/2/2015 4:05 pm
Ted Nugent was just getting started in his Saturday address to the Republican Party of Maricopa County, Arizona, when he blamed veterans’ suicides on President Obama
Nugent suggested that people shoot immigrants who illegally cross the southern border, fondly recalling a time he threatened to shoot a trespasser on his property.

There is video at the link above, but The Gadfly could not stomach putting it on and despoiling the pages of his shitty little blog.
About the only thing The Gadfly has to say about this story is that he is still waiting for this loud mouthed, Vietnam war draft dodging coward to fulfill his promise in 2012 in which he boldly proclaimed that if Obama won a 2nd term, he would either be dead or in jail.
The Gadfly isn't picky.  Either upshot is just a-ok with The Gadfly -- and if ol' Ted ever does manage to gather the courage and man up by following through on this vow, The Gadfly might even find cause to say something approvingly of him.
Suffice to say, The Gadfly isn't holding his breath for ol' Ted to live up to his macho proclamation.


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