Sunday, April 12, 2015

How To Pierce Manufactured DumbAssery With One Shot . . .

Haha!  The Gadfly just simply loves Esquire's Charlie Pierce.

His way with words is magical in ways that oft times leave one breathless, and he always leaves this reader yearning for just a little bit more of his insight and sharply barbed wit.

Watch how he, in one uncomplicated sentence, deftly describes the idiocy of the media villagers and their tremulous hand-wringing over how Wisconsin Republican Governor, and 2016 Presidential contender Scott Walker's notorious penchant for flip-flopping on issues might negatively affect his standing with GOP primary voters in 2016:

"First of all, this "problem" is not going to mean fk-all to the Republican base, because the Republican base is filled with crazoids, Bible-bangers, and people with short-wave radios for brains."

[ The Gadfly swoons ] . . . . . Lol.


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