Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sociopaths Will Sociopath . . .

Honestly --- who in this country is buying in to this bullshit? ... and can we send teams of anthropologists to study them? ....??

Last month at Destiny Worship Center in Florida (where he goes to church), Mike Huckabee recounted “schooling” some Fox News staffers by telling them a pencil was as lethal as an assault rifle.
Huckabee recounted the tale of how he humiliated a New York media elitist Fox News staffer during a debate about guns by suggesting that a pencil is just as much an assault weapon as an AR-15:
I’ll never forget sitting around with my own staff at Fox News, New Yorkers all, and something came up about guns and they were saying about how ‘nobody should ever own an AR-15, there’s just no reason to own an assault weapon.’ And I said, ‘Every weapon is an assault weapon, a pencil is an assault weapon if you poke it in someone’s eye.’ Then I really shocked them when I said, ‘AR-15s, I got several of them.’ They were scared to death, I thought they were going to dive under the table, I really did, it was like they were, ‘He’s a psychopath.’
Huckabee boasted that he schooled the New Yorkers who worried about the dangers of the weapons: “You’re just looking at it and you think because you saw it on a Rambo movie that it must be more lethal than anything else, and I said that’s nonsense.”

Boy yeah ... The Gadfly remembers all too well that most recent mass pencil poking massacre ... it was so horrific that The Gadfly recalls reading about seasoned law enforcement personnel who were reduced to tears as they surveyed the tragic scene replete with broken Ticonderoga #2's amid the random, dismembered eraser top.

Sigh . . . This clown wants to be the leader of the free world.  If you ask The Gadfly, with views like that, Mike Huckabee is about as qualified to lead this nation as this guy:

No -- really.


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