Thursday, July 10, 2014

They're The Same People Who Refused to Believe the Automobile Could Replace The Horse & Buggy

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Not that the disciples of dumbassery will listen . . .

Climate change is still a contentious issue, as some people and organizations deny it is even happening, or concede the world is getting warmer, but it's not because of humans.
The U.S. military is not one of those organizations.
Writing in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette in a recent Op-Ed, Rear Adm. David Titley (Ret.) — who was initially a climate skeptic — worked on a Navy task force to study the issue, which he calls  "an accelerating threat to national security."

Ok -- so the U.S. military is now sufficiently alarmed enough to publicly acknowledge that climate change is indeed occurring, and that the primary cause is human activity.  Not only that, they are taking it a step further and openly stating that the seriousness of it is "an accelerating threat" to America's national security.

That pretty much leaves the Tea Dummies, the Koch brothers and their fellow fossil-fuel industry polluters, along with Fox "News" and their viewers, as the only dipshits left on the face of the planet who still believe it's all a big hoax by evil liberal scientists to steal their Freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedom!!!

When the last chapters in the story of the demise of human civilization are recorded, the above mentioned morons are going to be assigned the bulk of the blame for that fateful outcome - no doubts whatsoever.


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