Wednesday, July 9, 2014

She Can See High Crimes & Misdemeanors From Her Front Porch . . . .

Somebody over at dead guy Breitbart's yellow journalism outfit decided it would be cute to give Caribou Barbie space on their graffiti wall to wail for Obama's immediate impeachment -- in her typically cretinous word-salad manner of course:

The Gadfly is much too tired to pull out his Louisville Slugger and take a swing at Tiffany of the Tundra's low hanging fruit idiocy, so he will defer to the inimitable Charlie Pierce to handle the affair.  Pierce's takedown is standard fare for him as it relates to Palin, but go read it anyway.  Suffice to say that the last line of his observation is one that The Gadfly has been expressing since the day that Grampa McCain foisted the boorish Wasilla Wombat on to the national political stage:

PIERCE:  If you think she's a leader, you're an idiot and I feel sorry for you.

Can't put it any more clearer than that.


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