Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sacrificing Sanity and The Rights of "The Others" on the Altar of Their One True Religion . . .

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Honestly, what in the name of holy fuck is going on in the lizard brains of these people??:

Man Carrying Pistol Asked to Leave Polling Place

Posted: Jul 15, 2014 1:25 PM PDTUpdated: Jul 15, 2014 1:25 PM PDTBy Associated Press

PELHAM, Ala. (AP) - A member of the gun rights group BamaCarry got to vote in Shelby County while wearing a holstered pistol, but police later asked him to leave the front of the polling place.

Robert Kennedy showed up with his gun Tuesday at the Pelham First Baptist Church Annex. A sign on the annex said firearms were prohibited, but election officials allowed Kennedy to vote while wearing his gun. Kennedy and members of his group later stood outside the polling place until Pelham police asked them to leave at the request of a poll official.

Kennedy was turned away from the polling place during the primary June 3.

So basically, gun goon guy feels sufficiently fearful enough of whatever commie terrorist shadows that frighten him outside of his bunker, such that he finds the need to show up at his sleepy, small town church voter polling precinct packing heat.  When the locals politely ask him to leave his arms outside, he refuses and so being the genteel southerners that they are, they reluctantly allow the militant gun goon guy to exercise his constitutionally guaranteed right to vote.

But as you could probably guess dear readers, that wasn't enough for gun goon guy, so having felt affronted by the poll officials initially asking him to please refrain from taking his killing toy in to the church polling place, gun goon guy runs home and gathers up some of his other armed gun goon pals and they all go over to the church and stand around outside menacingly "observing" people arriving to the polling place to exercise their own constitutionally guaranteed right to vote.  Well, the polling folks at the church rightly felt the tactics of the gun goon guys were intimidating and unsafe to poll workers and arriving voters, and so they called the local police who came along and shooed the gun goon guys away -- not entirely unlike urban cops shooing away gangster thugs from loitering around city street corners.

How exactly is this behavior any different from the bullying and thuggish behavior that the Taliban utilize to intimidate and bully their people from daring to think and act on behalf of their own individual interests?  It isn't if you want to know The Gadfly's unabashed opinion.

Frankly -- The Gadfly feels not one iota of shame in saying that the real threat to this country's destiny isn't 50,000 Central American kids illegally crossing in to America and turning themselves in to law enforcement in the desperate hope of being offered a chance to salvage their violence ravaged lives and become productive citizens.

No -- the real threat to the destiny of this nation's democracy, and a peaceful future, is from the gun goon guys like this clown and his clown posse of ammosexual buddies.  They have already proven that they feel that their agenda allows them to use violence and threats of violence against anyone who opposes them or dares to question their motives.

The most disturbing aspect of all of this bullshit though is that these itchy trigger-fingered oafs actually believe that they themselves are the one and only true American patriots and the saviors of the Great American Experiment, which in and of itself would make The Gadfly laugh uproariously if it all weren't so pathetically sad and perverse.

And for the gazillionth time, The Gadfly is not anti-gun, but he most definitely is anti morons, and more so, anti bullying morons with guns.


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